The Next Generation

"The Next Generation" is a fan fiction of the boys kids. Lucas and Layla Styles, Evelyn Horan, Gavin Tomlinson, Avery Malik and Gabe Payne. This fan fiction is about 6 teenagers that find out that their dads were once around the word famous singers in a boy band that went by the name, "One Direction". What happens when the 6 of them try out for the X Factor together in a group call, "The Next Generation". Can they win and be the next X Factor champions? Will they become famous like their dad's once were? What will the paparazzi make up this time? Will this audition bring them together to be better friend than they all ready were or will it tear them apart?


10. Packing and Staying home

Note: I don't remember if I mentioned this already but just to be sure, if you see Addie (add -e) any were in the story, its just Addison's nick name.


Gavin's POV


Its been a month since The Next Generation was on the X-Factor and we were mobbed my "Fans" I guess you could call them. Tyler's okay now. So just to catch every one up we were voted off the X-Factor. I think the girls were the most upset, we all were thou. Two weeks after that, a record producer who used to work with our dads asked us if we would sign with him too. All we have to do is come up with three songs on our own and bam, were in. The only problem is that none of us can write a song. We tried but it was no use. The time period which the song had to be in was less than two month away and we still had nothing.


I was in my room scribbling ideas down for the song with music blasting, probably making the house shake.

I heard a faint shout that sounded like someone was calling my name. I turned down the music a little and walked over to the door, opening it to reveal my little sister, Addison.

"What do you want"? I groaned at the sight of my little sister. I know that sounded harsh but don't we all got annoyed when someone interrupts you when your in your happy place.

"Mum wants you" She said placing her hands on her hips and grinning at me.

"What"? I ask

She just laughed and ran off down the stairs. I followed her into the kitchen were my mom was making dinner. Addison was sitting on a stool at the bar with a big grin on her face.

"Addie said you wanted me". I said to my mom.

She stopped cutting the vegetables and turned to me crossing her arms.

"Gavin William Tomlinson, do you know how many times I've called you"?

"Probably more then once" I answered

"Aunt Lottie is going to be here in the next 30 minutes for dinner and after that she is taking Addie and Tyler for the weekend while dad and I are away"

"Were are you going" I ask

She sighs. I guess we had this conversation before?

"Myself, dad, Harry, Grace and all of the other adults are going on vacation for the week"

"Were"? I ask with wide eyes.

"Please stop interrupting or I'm never going to finish." My mum snaps at me.


"Aunt Lottie is only taking them for the weekend and then Addie and Tyler are going to grandma's for the rest of the week. Friday night grandma is going to be bring them home and well be home Saturday morning. Can you remember that"?

"Why do they get to go to Aunt Lottie's AND grandmas" I pouted

"Because I was going to see if you wanted to have Gabe and them over for the week instead".

"Really"!? I shouted

"Just them, no one else and definitely no party's Gavin" My mum warned me pointing a finger at me.

"Don't worry mum there wont be a party, I promise" I laughed

"Better not"

"Mommyyyy" Tyler yells from up stairs.

"Gavin would you take over please." My mum asks

"Ya, whatcha makin" I ask

"Just finish the salad. Addison are you done packing"?

"Almost.." Addison says

"Well go finish, Aunt Lottie is going to be here soon"


Authors Note:

Hey Everyone!! Sorry this is such a short chapter, its just a filler. I promise the next chapter will be longer. Don't forget to like and favourite and please please tell me what you think of this in the comments!  - Drew



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