The Next Generation

"The Next Generation" is a fan fiction of the boys kids. Lucas and Layla Styles, Evelyn Horan, Gavin Tomlinson, Avery Malik and Gabe Payne. This fan fiction is about 6 teenagers that find out that their dads were once around the word famous singers in a boy band that went by the name, "One Direction". What happens when the 6 of them try out for the X Factor together in a group call, "The Next Generation". Can they win and be the next X Factor champions? Will they become famous like their dad's once were? What will the paparazzi make up this time? Will this audition bring them together to be better friend than they all ready were or will it tear them apart?


8. Our First Kiss


Gavin's POV


Its been a couple week into summer and a couple weeks since we were caught singing in the tent in Layla and Lucas's back yard. We have been practising the song "The story of my Life" for the X-factor. We had additions already and the show was tomorrow.

"The story of my life" Layla finished softly


We all turned our heads towards my door to see my little sister Addison and little brother Tyler standing in the door way clapping their hands together.

"Addison" I whined "What are you doing here"?!

"We wanted to listen to you guys practice. Besides mom made me babysit Tyler while her and dad went out." She pouted while crossing her arms over chest.

"Well get out I don't want you in here" I said pointing to the door.

"But Gavin" She wined

"I'll give you 5 bucks"

"Make it 10 and you have a deal "She argued

"I'll give you 7, take it or leave it"

"Okay, bye"! She chirped "C'mon Tyler"

"Why don't you like having younger siblings. Addison and Tyler are so cute"! Evelyn piped up

"First of all, Addison is not "cute" she is the devil and in seventh grade Ev. Second , Tyler is just plain annoying. You have to EVERYTHING for the kid"! I explained

"Well I'll take them from you any day" Evelyn smiled

"I'll keep that in mind" I smirked


*Latter on*


We were going to watch a movie all together,even with Addison and Tyler. Ugh. I'm on popcorn duty. When I say popcorn duty, it mean we need 7-8 popcorn GIANT plastic "popcorn" bins. I a lot.


"Hey Gav" came a sweet British voice from behind me.

"Hey Lay" I smiled

"You want help"? she asked

"No but you can stay and keep me company" I suggested

"Okay"! she laughed


*7 buckets of popcorn latter*

"Layla" I whispered into her ear

"What" she asked, sticking a couple pieces of popcorn in her mouth

"Meet me upstairs in 5 minutes" I whispered then walked upstairs.


Layla's POV


"Layla"  Gavin whispered into her ear

"What" I asked, sticking a couple pieces of popcorn in her mouth

"Meet me upstairs in 5 minutes" He whispered then walked away.

 What the, what if he knows? Oh my gosh, I'm so scared right now... I don't know if I want to go but I cant just blow him off like that. Gavin's my best friend...even if I want to be more than that.


I walk up the stairs, worried.

"Gavin were-" I say in a low voice but feel a grip on my arm am and pulled into a dark room.

"Lay, this is you right"? Gavin says

"Ya it is, what do you want Gavin" I chuckled

"Nothing, I just want be with be favourite girl" he said an attempted to give me a hug."

"Then why are we in your hall closet" I giggled

" Cuz this is were the party is" He cheered

"Your so weird" I rolled my eyes even thou I knew he couldn't see me.

"Wanta go to my room instead" He asked



We walked down the quiet hall until we came to a door painted a navy blue with a bunch of "Stay out" signs all over it. We walked in to a semi clean room. There was clothes here and there with a non made bed but for a teenage boy, his room looked pretty good. We sat down on the bed, Gavin was leaning against the back board with my head in his lap. I talked and laughed  for a while until I fell asleep on him.


"Awwww, their so cute"! I heard a girly voice come from out side of my dream.

"Avery Shhh, you'll wake them" I heard ,Gabe I think, hiss.

"Why are you guys so loud" I wined fluttering my eyes open and rubbing them.

"Layla! Your awake!" Evelyn shouted

"Well ya I'm not dead" I rolled my eyes while sitting up from Gavin's lap, who was still asleep

"You guys were so cute"! Avery exclaimed

"Well get out so you don't wake Gavin too" I hissed

"Okay okay were going. Have a nice sleep" Evelyn sang


Gabe, Avery, Evelyn, and Lucas left the room and a short while after Gavin woke up. I was snuggled up against him so when we woke up he looked super surprised but happy.

" Morning sleeping beauty"  I teased

"Hey.." he whispered


Our eyes were locked together for a while now. It was just like the first time we had almost kissed, I just hope Avery wont barge in again. The skin on our lips were touching. I could smell his breath, like popcorn.

Out of no were he smashed our lips together. This was amazing, his lips were so soft. We must have sat there for about five minutes, just making out. When we did break apart he both had a smile on our faces, ear to ear.


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