The Next Generation

"The Next Generation" is a fan fiction of the boys kids. Lucas and Layla Styles, Evelyn Horan, Gavin Tomlinson, Avery Malik and Gabe Payne. This fan fiction is about 6 teenagers that find out that their dads were once around the word famous singers in a boy band that went by the name, "One Direction". What happens when the 6 of them try out for the X Factor together in a group call, "The Next Generation". Can they win and be the next X Factor champions? Will they become famous like their dad's once were? What will the paparazzi make up this time? Will this audition bring them together to be better friend than they all ready were or will it tear them apart?


11. Eavesdropping and Kiss's


 Layla's POV


"Come on you two"! My dad shouts from down the stairs. "We have to get there today you know"

"Coming dad" We both shout as we both come out of our rooms and close the door at the same time. I pick up my hot pick bag and race Lucas out the door to the car.

"You guys got everything"? Dad asks us raising his eye brows. Probably because right after one of us go to sleep at someone's house we call 5 minutes latter saying we forgot something.

"Ya dad, just go" I laugh


*15 minutes latter*



"Hey guys"! Gavin greets us.

"Hey man" Lucas says and they "bro hug" or what ever. Its still a hug. Avery and I could do the same thing.

"Come on in, Evelyn and Gabe are all ready here so were just waiting for Avery now."

"Okay" I nod my head and walking the living room. Lucas goes right over to Evelyn and kiss.  I frown at it because I still find it gross that my brother is dating one of my best friends.

"Hey Lay" Gabe says to me.

"Hey Gabe's" I said and go sit on his lap. I can see Gavin's smile fall a little and then put a fake one on. I know that because I'm the closest to him. 

'Hey Gabe could you help me with the popcorn" Gavin asks

"ya sure man"

I slide off of Gabe's lap and grab a blanket and wrap my self in it. I only sit there for 5 minutes until I get board eavesdropping on my brother and Evelyn's conversation I get up and walk over to the kitchen but stop at the arch way when I hear Gavin say,

"I like her but I'm scared that if I ask her out she'll say no and completely destroy out relationship."

"oh man that sucks. You want me to find out if she likes you"? Gabe says

"No"! Gavin almost shouts "Don't say anything" Gavin hiss's

"Okay okay I wont"

I walk in like I heard nothing and go sit on the counter. "Hey guys"

Gavin's eyes go wide but he manages to say hey back.

"Whatcha guys doin"? I ask

"Nothing just talking" Gabe says as the microwave goes off.

"I'll get it" I say jumping off of the counter and run over to the microwave.

I'm emptying the bag into a bowl when I feel my hair moving. I turn around to see Gavin inches away. I look down to our feet, up to his blue eyes. As soon as we make eyes contact he puts a strand of my hair behind my ear and crash's his lips into mine. I run my fingers threw his hair and he pulls me so close I drop the popcorn bag on the ground and he pushes me again the table behind me so I'm trapped there but I don't mind. I continue to run my fingers threw his hair and when we break apart my eyes widen as I see everyone standing there with wide eyes and mouths hanging open. Oh god.

"So do we have 2 couples now"? Avery asked grinning

"Umm..." I say looking at Gavin

"Layla would you like to my by girlfriend"? Gavin asks




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