The Next Generation

"The Next Generation" is a fan fiction of the boys kids. Lucas and Layla Styles, Evelyn Horan, Gavin Tomlinson, Avery Malik and Gabe Payne. This fan fiction is about 6 teenagers that find out that their dads were once around the word famous singers in a boy band that went by the name, "One Direction". What happens when the 6 of them try out for the X Factor together in a group call, "The Next Generation". Can they win and be the next X Factor champions? Will they become famous like their dad's once were? What will the paparazzi make up this time? Will this audition bring them together to be better friend than they all ready were or will it tear them apart?


2. Authors Note

Authors note:

Hey Hey fellow Directioners!!  I know I just posted this book and all but something has come up and I wont be able to write the first chapter till November 1st! On that day I will have 1 -5 chapters up on this as well as my other Movella Summer, I will try to get as may chapters up as possible this weekend but for now I cant do any of that. On that note, on November 1st you guys will be able to see what Layla, Lucas, Evelyn, Avery, Gavin and Gabe look like!! Please understand that this is just my first year of high school and I have a lot going on right now so please don't give up on me. If any of you have any questions about me or my Movella's don't be afraid to ask in the comments! Thank you all and have a awesome week!  

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