10. Chapter 9 - What´s the matter?

It has been a month since I was on my first real date with Niall. We have been with each other really much, it´s so fun! I feel like I know him really much now. And we have just gotten summer vacation!

"I had really fun tonight Niall." I said when we were outside my house. He wanted to walk me home I protested but we can see who won that argument..... 

"Me to." He said and smiled I blushed and smiled back. Then he gave me a sweet kiss.

"Bye." I said and went inside I blushed, then I saw my dad was there.....What? He looked really sad....What´s the matter?

"Dad?" I said and he looked up at me.

"Hi honey." He said and stood up

"Is something wrong?" I said

"Y-yes." He stuttered

"What is it?" I said

"Mom is in the hospital...." He said

"W-why?" I said and I was nearly crying

"S-she is sick......She have c-cancer." He stuttered and I started to cry dad hugged me...Mom has cancer? MOM HAS CANCER! 

"W-what?" I said 

"She is in the hospital....." He said and he was crying.

"Are she going to survive?" I said....I need to know.....My mom has cancer and I can´t do anything about it! Why mom?!

"She is going to survive but she is going to be in the hospital for a long time..." He said and I was a bit relieved but still she has cancer! I don´t know what to do with myself! I just ran away to my room and jumped in my bed and just cried. Dad came after a while

"Let´s pack your stuff and go..." Dad said...Wait what?! 

"What?!" I yelled and I got surprised that my voice got so strong. I´m not going to leave this house!

"We can´t be here.....I will pack your bag." Dad said 

"No!" I said

"We have to." He said and he walked away and after a while he came with a big bag. 

*2 hours later* 

Dad have packed everything I I needed for the stay at his new house. I had my computer and my tachnolicy stuff with me to.

"Let´s go...." Dad said we have been crying and I was so weak he had to carry me to his car.

When we arrived to his new house, I couldn't move. I´m to weak. I can´t! Dad took my bag and walked in then he got me. 

"Oh my god what happened?!" Perrie said as we came inside. She and Zayn looked really worried...

"Her mom is in the hospital..." Dad said and walked up the stairs still with me in his arms. He walked to my room and put me on the bed. I have to meet mom! 

"I want to meet mom!" I yelled, dad jumped in surprise of me yelling.

"We are going to visit her tomorrow." He said 

"No I want to do it now!" I yelled and started to cry 

"We can´t the visitor hours are over." He said and left the room and came back with my bag and my backpack.

"You need some sleep honey." He said

"Goodnight." He said, I didn´t say anything.  I heard someone ringed the bell. And someone opened the door.

"Hello. You are Niall aren't you?" Matilda said. Niall?! What is he doing here.

"Yeah.....I´m Niall. Umh I know Chris.....Is she okay?" He said....I´m blushing....Niall checked if I was okay?

"Hi Niall...I´m Chris dad..." Dad said then I didn't hear more than small voices that I couldn't tell what they were saying....After about 3 minutes my door opened

"Chris are you awake?" My dad said

"Yes..." I said and my voice is so weak.

"Niall is here....Do you want to talk with him?" He said

"Yes." I said with my weak voice. Niall walked in and sat on my bed and dad walked out.

"I heard about your mom...." He said I nodded 

"I don´t really know what to say...." He said

"You don´t have to say anything..." I said and he took my hand and held it.

"I hope she will be better soon." He said

"Me too..." I said and kissed my forehead and hugged me and then he laid my head in his lap.




A/N Not her mom :( And such a cute moment......What ship name should they get? Help me? Hope you liked it :)


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