9. Chapter 8 - The real first date (Short chapter)

"Okay." I said and we started to walk.

"Do you like food?" Niall said

"Who doesn´t?" I said and he smiles

"Well good." He said and started to run. I ran after of course ;). After about 10 minutes run in a forest he stopped running.

"Look here." He said and it was a small jetty really beautiful when the sun is in that place. (I think it´s called jetty....I´m not from any English speaking country.) 

"It´s beautiful!" I said 

"I know!" He said and smiled and walked out on the jetty and there was a backpack, his backpack.... 

"Come here." He said 

"Okay." I said and walked out on the jetty and sat beside him

"A toast?" He said and held up a toast in front of my face I nodded and started to eat and rested my head on his shoulder.

*A hour later* 


A/N AWWWE! :´) So cute.....Are anyone reading those? If you are please say that.....Today we had a really......... different? Day in school..................Btw sorry for the really short chapter.... :/

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