8. Chapter 7 - Tank top

I walked back in the living room...I´m pretty sure I did blush and I have a huge grin on my face....

"You seem to be happy." Perrie said

"I am." I said

"Can I ask why?" She said but then someone knocked on the door...Thank you!

"I take it." Matilda said and walked and opened the door and came back in like 1 minutes with dad... Of course, Oh and he have boxes with him

"Hello." He said

"Hi...." I said and stared at him

"Hi." Zayn and Perrie said at the same time....I see why they are together

"So what are you guys doing?" Dad said

"Nothing really just watching TV." Zayn said 

"Oh okay." dad said and my phone vibrated I looked on it it was from Niall

Niall: Can´t wait t see ya! :)

Me: I can´t wait to see ya neither! :)

"Put the phone down it´s rude." dad said

"Sorry that I got a text....." I said and rolled my eyes

"Who was it from?" Dad said

"Non of your business." I said. I know I seem to be rude but it´s just....I just heard that mom and dad are getting divorced....Like HELLO

"Do you want to eat here, we eat at 7." Matilda said...thank you

"No I actually are busy at 7." I said

"No you aren´t." Dad said

"Yes I am." I said

"With what?" He said

"I am going on a date...Okay?!" I said

"Oh with who?" Perrie said

"His name is Niall." I said and blushed

"Awwe so cute....Wait you maybe have to get ready it´s 6 now." She said

"Yeah I have to.....Bye." I said

"Zayn can drive you." Matilda said

"No it´s okay....I take the bus..." I said and walked out.....That was extremely.......surprising?

*When I came home*

"Hi honey. How was it?" Mom said

"They were nice.." I said

"Oh okay." She said and smiled

"I really have to go and get ready." I said

"For what?" She asked

"My date with Niall." I said

"I knew it." She said

"Yeah yeah let me go and fix myself now." I said and walked up to my room. Then I took a 5SOS tank top instead of my T-shirt. I walked to my bathroom and added some mascara and then I walked downstairs it was 6:40, I have to hurry now.

"I have to go now bye." I said and walked out of the door and walked to the park. WHen I was there, two hands covered my eyes . What the hell?!

"Guess who." Niall said 

"Niall." I said and the hands disappeared. I saw him in black jeans and  a tank top...Pretty hot...Hehe if you tell him that I will deny it!

"Hey." He said and smiled

"Hey." I said and smiled back

"So let´s go." Niall said

A/N A little short and wtf why did I name the chapter like that?....BUT ANYWAYS! THE STORY OF MY LIFE MUSIC VIDEOS IS OUT NOW!!! UJWJUW IKKOOPLSOOKLSJKDSN......Sorry.....hehehe Bye....

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