7. Chapter 6 - Home Malik

When we came home to Zayns and his family's house we got of the motorbike and walked to the door he opened it and we walked to the living room, it wasn't the biggest house and it was neither the smallest house.

"Hello! You must be Chris, I´m Matilda." Matilda said

"Yeah that´s me." I said, she gave me a hug.....Awkward....But I hugged back

"Welcome! And thanks Zayn for picking her up." She said and Zayn nodded and sat down in the couch and there was another girl. She stood up and walked to us.

"Hi I´m Perrie, Zayn´s girlfriend." She said 

"Hi I´m Chris." I said and smiled and she gave me a quick hug. She is really beautiful.

"So Chris, How old are you?" Matilda said and I sat down in the couch

"I´m 14." I said 

"Oh okay." SHe said and then my phone started to ring and I walked to the hall and answered.

"Hello?" I said

"Hi..." Niall said

"What´s up Niall?" I said

"Can.....You maybe go out with me tonight?" Niall said...Wait? Dose he want to go out with me...Wow I´m blushing....I have always had a little crush on him...Okay?

"Yeah absolutely. When and where?" I said

"How about 7 and the park?" He said

"Yeah sure.....See ya." I said and hung up

A/N Sorry for the short chapter but I have to go on a party soon :) And it´s a sleep over....Oh gosh I just realized I have to pack now! Anyways bye! Hope you liked it :) Byeeee! 

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