6. Chapter 5 - What?

"Where have you been?" My mom said when I walked in in our house 

"I was with Olivia and two other." I said

"Oh witch was the other two?" She smirked 

"Well it was Louis and Niall." I said

"I thought you guys hated each other." She said

"I thought that to Olivia and Louis to." I said

"Wait are they to?" She said

"I have no idea, I think so." I said

"Well how about you and Niall?" She said

"Are you crazy?" I said she laughed

"We will see who was right." She said and walked away to the kitchen....What did she mean by that?I walked up to my room and sat on my bed my phone vibrated, it was my and Nialls chat only on kik.

Niall: Heeeey:)

Me: Heeyyy! :)

Niall: Watcha doin? :)

Me: Nothing just came home :) you?

Niall: Same I just come home....I am bored

Me: Same here.... :/

*Four hours later*

Me and Niall have been chatting a lot...And I heard that Louis and Olivia are together....So yeah i think I have to sleep now

Me: Goodnight Niall :)

Niall: Goodnight :)


"Wake up honey." Mom said as she shake me awake

"I´m awake." I said and she left the room....I walked out of bed and choose clothes witch was a pair of jeans a 5SOS t-shirt and my red converse.

After I had had my shower and put on some makeup on I walked down to the kitchen and unlocked my phone.

"Hi." I said

"Hello." My dad said and I sat on the chair and looked a kik message it was from Niall

Niall: Heeyyy! :)

Me: Heeeeeeyyyyyy Niall :)

"Who are you texting?" Mom said

"No one." I said and locked my phone

"Oh was it a boy?" She said

"Maybe." I said

"Was it Niall?" She said

"Maybe." I said then she was quiet and it passed 10 minutes of silence while I ate my toasts.

"We have something important to talk about..." My dad said

"And that is?" I said 

"Me and your mom is getting divorced." He said....WHAT?! 

"What when?!" I said

"I´m going ti move out next week." He said

"What?!" I said

"I have met someone else." He said

"What´s her name?" I said (I am just making this name up I know that it isn't his moms name!)

"Her name is Matilda Malik." He said

"Okay? Dose she have any kids?" I said 

"Yes she has a 20 years old son." He said

"Name?" I said

"Zayn." He said

"Where dose they live?" I said

"Next bus stop." He said

"Okay." I said and walked away...Yes I´m about to cry.....I ran in my room and locked the door and screamed....Why dose he do this to me?! 

"I´m sorry honey but it didn´t work between me and mom." Dad said from outside my door

"Is it something more I should know?" I said

"Zayn is going to get you from school today." He said

"What?!" I screamed

"Yes I´m sorry it comes so fast...But he is a nice guy." He said

"Yeah yeah sure." I said

"School start in a half an hour." He said and leaved, I walked in in my bathroom and fixed my makeup and walked down and straight out of my door 

*After detention*

"I have to go Niall....My dads girlfeinds son is going to pick me up." I said

"Oh okay bye." Niall said and walked to the bus stop. After 5 minutes I saw a guy with tattoos come to me....Is it him?!

"Hi is you Chris?" He said

"Yeah....Are you Zayn?" I said he nodded

"Nice to meet you." He said and we shake hands

"You to." I said...He seems to be nice

"So...Are we going home?" He said

"Yeah." I said and we walked away to find a motorbike parked it that his? 

"Here I got a helmet for you." He said and gave me a helmet

"Thank you." I said

"We are going to my place and there is my girlfriend to." He said

"Oh okay." I said and I sat behind him on the bike and then he started to drive....I have never been on a motorbike before.....

A/N :O Zayn is maybe going to be her step brother oh god! :O

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