5. Chapter 4 - The "Date"

*After school when the double date is*

"Did you change outfit?" Olivia said when I came to the park were we are gonna meet the boys. Her eyes scanned my body. I had a pair of normal jeans, a 5SOS tank top, a snapback and my red converse. She had a white dress and a pair of flats. SHE HAVE A DRESS GUYS!

"Ummm yeah I did." I said

"Well let´s go!" She said excited 

"Yeah!" I said and tried to sound excited...I failed I think

"Hi!" Louis and Niall said when we came in in the park. Louis had a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and vans on.Niall had a tank top, a pair of jeans and a pair of black converse on.

"Hi!" Olivia and I said, Olivia walked and hugged Louis and they walked away.....What a double date.....

"Well hi..." I said awkwardly

"Hi." He said

"Let´s just go and sit on the stairs over there." I said, he nodded and we walked and sat down on the stairs.

"I like your shirt." Niall said

"Do you know this band or are you just trying to be nice?" I said

"No I just like the logo." Niall said 

"Me too." Is aid

"I am bored." Niall said when we had sat there in like  5 minutes.

"Then catch me!" I said and ran up for the little amount of stairs, then on like the little sidewalk from all the grass in the park, Then after a minute or two I felt a pair of arms wrap around my body and then took my snapback

"Niall give me my snapback back!" I screamed

"Catch me first!" He yelled and I ran after him after a while I finally got my snapback back! Yay! I am really tired

"I am tired." I said and sat on the edge of were where the plants are.....If you know what I mean?

"Me too." He said and sat beside me

"Then I´m not alone about that." I said

"Yay." Niall said and there is the awkward silence

"This isn´t funny...I mean the awkward silence." He said

"Yeah." I said in agreement

"Let´s just go and find Lou and Olivia." Niall said and stood up and waited for me to get up.

"Go down and catch me." I said, he walked down...It wasn't high up at all, It´s just fun. When he was ready I jumped and landed in his arms in bridal style. We laughed and he put me down.

"That was fun let´s find the love birds." I said, Niall nodded and we walked in the direction that they went. After a while we finally found them...But not in a nice position they were on a picnic blanket lying and sucking each others faces of.....I hesitated and they looked up and both blushed 

"Let´s hope we never find them like this again." I said to Niall he laughed and nodded in agreement 

"Oh shh you two." Olivia said and laughed

"Nope I don´t like being quiet." I said 

"I know." She said

"Well I don´t want to be here anymore." I said 

"Okay see you tomorrow." Olivia said

"I will go home as well." Niall said and we said goodbye to Louis and Olivia 

"Bte." I said to Niall when it was one station before he are going to go of

"Bye I actually had fun today." He said honest

"Yeah same here...." I said, I have honestly had had fun tonight...I never thought I would

"Maybe we can do it another time?" He said

"Yeah sure." I said and gave him a smile 

"Okay bye I will text you." He said and winked and walked out if the bus


A/N Do you like 5SOS? And who is your favorite? :) I love 5SOS my favorite is Ashton :) Niall and Michael.... *Blushing* Hehehe have a good day :)


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