4. Chapter 3 - A crush

"Hi it´s me." I said into my phone

"Hi Chris!" Olivia said

"So detention was one of the most boring things I have ever done..." I said, I don´t want to seem to be full of myself or mean or something like that....

"So what did you do?" She said

"Start at the watch the whole time." I said

"Oh..." She said

"Something new about you?" I said, there was silence witch mean something is up....Well god damn it

"Well kinda..." She said

"And that is?" I said

"Well I got a hopeless crush on someone." She said

"And who is that someone?" I said

"Promise you will not be mad?" She said

"I won´t be mad!" I said happily

"Well it´s Louis..." She said...Oh god....This can´t be happening?! Well I can´t be mad at her

"Oh." I simply said

"I can´t get more than a oh?" She said

"Well I don´t really know what to say...But you two should be really cute together." I said

"You think?" She said I could just image her eyes now....She is happy = I am happy!

"Yeah." I said

"How do I do that he will notice me?" She said

"How about text with him?" I said

"Thank you so much!" She basically yelled

"No problem! See you in a hour." I said and hung up. We do start this day at 10 today. Witch is really good....I decided to look KiK 

Me: Morning! :)

Olivia: Morning!

Louis: HEYY! 

Niall: Hi! 

Me: Whatcha doin? 

Niall: I am goin t pack for tday

Me: Okayyyyyyy

Niall: Don´t be drunk when you come to school.....

Me: :P

Louis: Look how cute they are together! ;) 

Me: .......?

Louis: Oh god! XD

Niall: Stop Lou......

Me: What´s so funny? 

Louis: You don´t see it do you? 

Me: See what? 

Louis: You will understand when you see it ;) Hope it´s soon! 

Me: Stop talking shit.....

Niall: He is not talking shit ;) 

Me: Stop with the winky winky things!

Niall: Okay then ;)

Me: -_-

I logged out of the chat...I don´t want to deal with them right now...Okay....

After a half an hour I walked to the bus stop and I found Olivia stand there with the eyes on her phone. I walked behind her and took the phone she screamed

"Chill it´s just me." I said

"Oh okay..." She said and took back her phone

"So who are you texting?" I said

"Louis." SHe said and her eyes lit up...How couldn't I notice this?

"Okay hope it will be fin." I said and gave her a smile then the bus came after one station Niall and Louis came on the bus.....Great!

"Hii!" Louis said and ran and sat beside Olivia I decided to not be with them

"Niall come I have to show you something." I said and we walked away I gave Olivia a You-owe-me-something look.

"What did you want to show me?" He said as we sat some rows away from them

"Nothing.....Just look at them." I said Niall looked back

"Yeah..." He said

"I think they like each other..." I said he nodded

"Did you know that Louis don´t need to go on more detention?" Niall said....Wait he don´t?!

"What?!" I said

"Yeah I know!" Niall said 

"Well soon it´s summer." I said

"Yeah..." He said

"Anyways we just do this today." I said

"Yeah..." He said and Nialls phone vibrated then he looked on his phone then at me with wide eyes....What was that....

"Ummmm..." Niall said

"What?" I said

"W-we have to go on a double "Date" With them!" He said

"W-what?" I said

"You heard me....We HAVE to." He said

"Well fuck..." I said

"It´s tomorrow at 6." He said

"Well that´s not long after the detention...." I said 

"Yeah but you don´t have to get ready." He said

"I take that as a compliment." I said he just rolled his eyes after a while we were finally at the school.

"Oh my god!" Olivia said/freaked out

"Yeah yeah you got a date tomorrow." I said

"And today." She said

"Oh god..." I said and tried to not sound annoyed 

A/N Dubble update....No it isn´t here in sweden....Well kinda dubble if we go with england time :) Anyways have a good day or whatever it is :) 

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