3. Chapter 2 - 1st detention

That first lesson was shit, but now it has ended.

"Look what  you have caused!" Louis screamed in my face when we came outside

"Yeah what the fuck!" Niall screamed

"I was laughing then you two came and ruined everything!" I screamed

"We?! Excuse me?!" Niall said

"I would never excuse you!" I said and walked towards Niall and we standed in front of each other.

"I hate you! Look what you did!" I screamed 

"What I did?!" He screamed  

"Yes you!" I screamed then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I was about  to be pulled away from him but I pushed of the hand from me

"Let me go!" I said when the hand came on my shoulders again. then I turned around and saw Miss Lees.....Well luck isn't on my side today

"Miss Evans and Mr Horan go to the principal office now!" She said, I gave Niall a death glare and he gave me one back. 

"Okay..." I said really annoyed.....I don´t really know what´s up with me today. But it´s fun to do this.....

"Look what you did." Niall said when we started to walk to the principal office

"I guess you are talking to yourself because I have heard you do that a lot." I sassed

"Well I did talk to you." He said

"Well then you did definitely don´t say the truth." I said 

"Just shut up." He said

"You were the one that started talking." I said and then he were quiet until we got into the principal office were Miss Lees was...Wait how?

"Oh there you two are." Our principal Mr.Watson

"Yay." I said sarcastic 

"So what should we do with these two?" Miss Lees said...WAIT HOLD IT!! WHAT?!

"What?!" I said

"Oh we are not going to torture you two." He said 

"Good." I mumbled

"Yeah." Niall mumbled. Look he is actually talking!

"We are thinking to let this go but if something else happened, there will be consequences." He said

"Yeah yeah." I said

"I´m not kidding." He said I nodded

"Well feel free to go to detention." He said

"Thank you." I said and I dragged Niall out of there.

"Oh my god that was so funny!" Niall said and started to laugh...What the hell?!

"Yeah it was." I joined in

"We are late to our next lesson." I said and looked on my phone I have got some messages from Olivia and the group chat.


"I have never been here." Niall said

"Well same here." I said and looked at Louis he was quiet...What?! This day is weird 

"You seem to be really quiet Louis." I said he just nodded and took out some books......What´s up with him? 

"What´s up with him?" I said as we entered the detention room.

"I have no idea." He answered me quiet 

"Welcome to the detention." Miss Lees said

"Are we going to have you here the whole time?" I said

"Yes." She said

"Oh okay." I said and sat down in the middle of the classroom and took out my phone

"No phones in detention." She said

"Okay chill." I said and put my phone back in my pocket. I sighted and just sat down and stared at the watch all time....When it finally was over I walked to my locker and took my stuff and walked to the bus stop. After a long time I finally come home

"Why did you do it?" My mom asked

"Well hello to you to." I said and walked past her

"What happened?" She said

"I was just playing a prank on Niall and Louis and then they got mad and bam this happened!" I said and walked up the stairs 

"Well don´t come down more today." She said

"Okay!" I yelled back. on my way in my room I took a soda and walked in my room, You maybe wondering where I did get soda from....Well let´s say there is a mini fridge were mom and dad never look...So I took the opportunity and I asked if I could use it.


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