16. Chapter 14 - Walks

"WHAT?! NO!" I screamed

"I-I have to." Olivia said and tears streamed down her face

"Please don´t move! Have you talked with your parents? Why do you have to move to USA?!" I said and was about to cry

"Mom and dad got new jobs so we have to move....And it´s next week.." She said and I wiped all her tears. 

"Have you said anything to Louis?" I said 

"Nope." She said and started to cry again

"Well I will call him." I said and walked out of my room and called Louis

"Hello?" Louis said

"Hi Louis! It´s an emergency please come over!" I said and sobbed 

"W- Okay I will be over in 5." He said and hung up. I walked back to my room where Olivia sat and cried on my bed. I hugged her.

"Louis are on his way." I said

"O-Okay thank you." She sobbed and the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and opened the door before someone else could. 

"Hi Louis go to my room Olivia is there." I said and walked to the living room.

"Who was that?" Dad asked

"Louis." I said

"Oh okay...Why aren´t you up there?" He said

"Well....Olivia is gonna move away from here....And she kinda have to move next week." I said and he nodded

"I´m sorry that she have to move." Dad sighed

"Don´t....I have skype and we will text." I said 

"Oh okay." He said and I walked upstairs and saw Olivia and Louis cuddle.

"Should I leave you two alone?" I said

"No! We are just about to leave see you tomorrow." Louis said and they leaved. Okay then......Decided to take a walk. I walked by the bus station.

"Hey Chris!" Niall yelled behind me I turned around and saw Niall ran and hugged me

"Hey Niall." I said 

"What´s wrong?" He said

"Olivia is moving to USA." I said 

"What?" He said and pulled away from the hug and grabbed my hand and we walked to the park

"Yeah I know.." I sighed. I can´t cry. I´ll do it later but not in front of anyone.

"Why?" He asked sadly

"Her mom got a job." I said

"When are she moving?" He asked

"Next week." I said

"No!" He screamed

"I don´t want her to either." I said 

"Why now? This is not fair to anyone." He said

"It´s not." I sighed 

"Why can´t her mom move and her dad stay?" He asked 

"I have no idea Niall." I said

"I wish I could do something." He said

"Yeah me too....Think about Louis. He must be heartbroken." I said

"Yeah he probably is and so is you." He said

"Not in the same way." I said

"No probably not." He laughed 

"I just wish I could do something." I said

"Yeah this sucks." He said 

"Yeah I hate it." I said

"Let´s do something." He said

"What?" I asked 

"We are going to get Louis to sing a song to Olivia." He said

"Can Louis sing?" I asked

"Yeah he is really good at it." He said

"Okay which song?" I asked

"5 Seconds Of Summer wherever you are." He said I smiled and nodded

"She will love it." I said

"Of course she will." He smirked and I rolled my eyes and we walked to Nialls house



This was kinda short and I´m so so so so so so sorry for not updating sooner.... But here you have it at least 

If you still gonna read this thank youuu :) 



Stay strong everyone I love you x

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