15. Chapter 13 - Detention

We came in to the first class which is math. And I have a seat beside Niall! YAY!

"Welcome back from the summer vacation!" Miss Lees said with a big smile.

"Now I gonna give you your new math book." She said and walked to the first pair.

"We just got back from the summer and we have new books already." Niall whispered in my ear

"Yeah I know. It sucks." I whispered in his ear and he nodded. Olivia and Louis whispered to each other and both blushed. OMG!

"Talk dirty to me." I sang and Niall laughed and Louis and Olivia turned around and both were red like tomatoes.

"Talk dirty to me!" I sang louder and Niall started to sing with me and then Miss Lees turned around and gave us a death glare. Louis and Olivia blushed even more and me and Niall laughed. After Miss Lees gave us our books and warned about getting detention she started to talk about the math book. 

"And the side you have to be done with next week is side 69." She said and giggled and everyone started to laugh.

"That was the summer of 69!" I sang and Niall sang with me. And yeah she us a death glare 

"Detention Niall and Chris." She said and I looked over at Niall and laughed. Yep we got detention the first day of school. Good job! 

"Way to go." I said and winked at Niall and he blushed and laughed



*Detention time!*

"Time for detention.." Niall said as we walked to the detention

"Yeah are you excited?" I said 

"When you are there.....Yes." He said I blushed

"You´re cute when you blush." He said and I blushed even more

"You´re cute all the time." I said and he blushed and smiled

"You too." He said and we came to the detention

"Welcome..It´s just you two here today." Miss Lees said

"Oh okay..." I said and walked to the back and Niall sat beside me

"Niall, Come here to the front." Miss Lees said and Niall walked to the front and sat there. He gave me apologising smile and I gave him one back.

"I have to fix some papers." Miss Lees said and walked out of the room and Niall walked to me.

"She didin´t say anything about go to you." He said and gave me a kiss. I smiled and blushed and so did Niall.

"I have waited for this all day." He said and gave me a long kiss. We smiled into the kiss.

"Excuse me." Miss Lees said and we pulled away and we both blushed and Niall turned around slowly.

"Go to your seat Niall." She said and leaved again.

"What?" I said...What did she do in here?....Anyways. After this uncomfortable hour we finally got home. We walked home witch took 50 minutes

"I´m home!" I said and walked to the living room. There were Zayn, Liam, Harry and Perrie. Zayn and Perrie already met Niall. 

"Hi!" Perrie said and hugged me and Niall

"Hi." Niall and I said.

"I´m Liam this is Harry." Liam said 

"Nice to meet you." Niall said

"The same to you! we have heard much good about you." Liam said and Harry nodded and I blushed-

"Good that it´s good." Niall said

"Yeah you seem nice." Harry said

"Let´s go Niall shall we?" I said he nodded and we walked to my room

"They seem to be nice." He said

"They are." I said and he nodded and we smiled



Hello! It´s me! I updated this friday evening because I felt like it.....Anyways hope you are having a good friday :) 


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