14. Chapter 12 - School bus

It´s now end of the summer....

The school is starting today. Mom is still in the hospital. Me and Niall are both 15 now. On my birthday I got 5SOS tickets! And me and Niall have been dating for 3 months! I have been with Zayn, Liam and Harry really much! One highlight was this:  

Don´t ask me how.....But Harry kinda yeah.....

"You have to go now." Dad said snapping me out of my thought

"Okay bye." I said and took my backpack and hurried to the bus stop and there were Niall and Louis!

"Hi!" I said. Niall looked really handsome in that school uniform of his.

"Hi!" They said at the same time and Niall gave me a quick kiss and Louis groaned

"Hey we saw you and Olivia suck each other faces!" I said and Niall laughed

"Yeah yeah..." Louis said and blushed

"Awwe he´s blushing!" I said in a baby voice

"No I don´t..." Louis said and took up his phone from his pocket 

"You do that just to hide that you blush." I said and the bus came. Louis hurried in and ran to Olivia.

"Olivia! Louis blushed when we talked about you!" I screamed and everyone looked at me and Niall and some girls awwed. Me and Niall had our hands intertwined and walked to the back were Olivia and Louis sat.

"Thanks for embarrassing me!" Louis said

"Glad I could help!" I said and smiled and sat next to Olivia. "Oh hi Olivia!" I said and hugged her

"Hi!" She said

"Niall?" I said and looked at him

"Yeah?" He said. He is so cute and sweet and his accent. Oh sorry....

"Are you doing anything today?" I said

"Not really...." He said

"How about induce you to Harry and Liam because you've already met Zayn and Perrie." I said

"Yeah sure." He said and we smiled

"Do you two want to?" I said to Olivia and Louis

"Yeah sure." They both said at the same time. Wow..

"Good." I said and grinned


Another pretty short but I promised Neha to update....I´m soon off to my guitar! :D Maybe I haven´t said it but yes I play guitar. It´s really fun! :D What´s your favorite song of the new album? Mine is probably Right now and Half a heart but I love all of them :D


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