12. Chapter 10 - The hospital

I woke up and saw I was in dad´s new home. It wasn't a dream! I got out of the bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen Zayn, Perrie, Matilda and dad was there. Zayn looked like he was about to fall asleep on his stool.

"Goodmorning." Dad and Matilda said

"Morning." Zayn and Perrie said

"Morning." I mumbled

"When are we gonna visit mom?" I said 

"When you are ready." dad said

"I´m ready." I said

"You have to eat first." Dad said

"I´m not hungry." I said

"You have to eat something." Dad said. I sighed 

"I made you a toast." Matilda said with a weak smile and put a plate with a toast on and then a glass of apple juice in front of me.

"Thanks." I mumbled and started to eat and then Zayn´s phone started to ring.

"What´s up Harry?" Zayn said who is Harry? Well that´s non of my business. 

"Okay yeah sure." He said and then said bye and hung up

"I´m ready to go now." I said

"Okay let´s go." Dad said and we walked to the car and the drive to the hotel was in silence....It sucked.

"Now we´re here." Dad said

"Okay." I said and got out fast

"Here." Dad said and we started to go into the hospital and dad talked to some of the nurses and finally we was outside moms room. I ran in and saw mom in a hospital bed with many different hoses in her arms and nose. It´s really scary! I ran to her and took her hand she smiled at me.

"Hi honey." She said

"Hi mom." I said and I was almost crying

"Í´m fine honey. You don´t have to worry." She said

"How can I not?" I said

"Well these things are helping me." She said and smiled

"I know but I´m really worried mom." I said. I can´t think right now. It´s too much

"I will be okay." She said

"But I´m still worried." I said

"I know honey." She said and smiled... How can she smile?!

"I-I-" I stuttered and felt tears in my eyes...Everything just hit me

"Honey please don´t cry." She said. I shut my eyes close

"Hi." I heard dad said.......

"How are you?" He said. Are he stupid?!?!?! 

"I´m fine." Mom said. Yeah that´s why she is lying in a hospital! 

"Oh okay..." Dad said

"I´m going to use the bathroom." I said and ran out if the room. I saw the bathroom and ran in and locked in myself. I can´t take this! It´s too much! I feel like shit! I can´t help mom! Everything is just falling apart except for my relations with my friends! I sat on the floor against the wall and started to cry hard. After a long long time just sitting there and crying my phone started to ring. I didn't look who it was I just answered.

"Hey it´s me Olivia." Olivia said

"H-Hi." I stuttered and still crying

"Are you crying?! What happened?!" She said

"My mom..She is sick..." I stuttered in my weakest voice

"What kind of?!" Olivia said worried 

"She has cancer." I stuttered

"W-What?" Olivia said and someone knocked on the door.

"I have to go bye." I stuttered and hang up. I got up from the floor and opened the door.

"Hello I heard crying from in here.....Is everything alright?" A nurse said I shock my head

"What happened?" She said

"My mom....She is sick." I stuttered

"I´m sorry......And I´m Hannah." She said

"I´m Chris." I stuttered

"Let´s go and find your mom." She said and I walked to moms room.

"Hi honey.....I don´t want you to cry." Mom said when I opened the door.

"She will be fin." Hannah said and looked up from some papers. Dad sat in a chair on the opposite side of my chair are.

"Yeah..." Dad said 

"Chris go home I will be fine. Go home and be with your friends." Mom said I looked her in the eyes and she smiled 

"I-I can´t..." I stuttered

"You can." She said I shock my head she just nodded 

"Yeah I take care of your mom." Hannah said. I have only met Hannah for some minutes ago but I have a feeling she is really good at her job.

"If that is what you want..." I stuttered

"Yes...." Mom said

"Okay then......Love you mom." I stuttered

"Love you too." Mom said and smiled then dad said goodbye and we started to walked to the car. Why did I leave?! 

"Dad we can´t just leave!" I said

"We can. She said to me that she just want just to be happy and have fun. And she will be fine." He said

"It still hurt to leave her." I stuttered

"Yeah it dose but all she want is to you to be happy." He said......I don´t know what to think or say. We came home in home after silence. Dad opened the door and we heard laughing. I don´t want this right now!

"We´re home." Dad said and he walked to the living room and I followed him. Then I saw a boy with curly hair and a boy with brown light brown hair with Zayn....

"Hey." Zayn said "This is my friends." He added 

"I´m Liam and this is Harry." Liam said and then pointed to the curly haired boy. Both of them stared at me......Just because I´ve been crying.....I promise you!

"I´m David and this is Chris, my daughter." Dad said

"Nice to meet you." Harry said and Liam nodded in agreement 

"You too." Dad said

"I´m going to my room...." I stuttered but then dad took my arm

"No you aren´t. Don´t you remember what mom said?" Dad said

"Well maybe I´m happy in my room!" I snapped 

"You can be with Niall...." Dad said

"I can´t just always go to him dad!" I snapped 

"Call him and see if he have time...." Dad said 

"Not now." I said and ran up to my room and after a while there was a knock on the door

"If it´s dad, don´t come in." I said and the door opened and there was Zayn....Me and Zayn has gotten on really well and Zayn is really nice and funny.

"Can I talk to you?" He said I nodded. He closed the door and then walked to my bed and sat down on it

"I´m really sorry for you....I really hope she will be okay soon.....Umm do you want to talk about it?" He said I nodded 

"So what´s the most difficult right now?" He said

"It´s just everything hit me when I saw mom in the hospital...." I stuttered and was about to cry but I swallowed it

"Yeah but they help her and she will be fine.....Did she smile?" He said

"Yeah..." I stuttered 

"Then she will be fine. You just have to keep you head up high." He said and gave me a weak smile...I really need t listen to everyone....I feel like a dumbass 

"I´m sorry for making so much drama..." I said 

"No no no that isn´t what I meant. It´s okay. I would have done the same....I just want to she you smile again..." He said...

"I just can´t...." I stuttered it

"You mom want you to, your dad, me, Perrie, Niall and all your friend...Like we don´t expect you to be so happy like you were before...We just want you to be okay..." Zayn said

"Thanks." I said and hugged him he hugged back...I like Zayn Really much...

"But you should join me downstairs." He said I nodded and we walked downstairs were Liam and Harry sat and played fifa.

"Chris will join us." Zayn said and Harry and Liam looked up and both of them smiled

"Yeah sure. How about we play football outside?" Harry said

"Sure!" Zayn said

"I suck at football..." I said

"We all do....You can be in my team..If you want to." Zayn said I nodded

"Let´s go." Liam said and we got out of the backdoor.




A/N A LOOOONG CHAPTER! :) Just because of 1DDAY! It was awesome I sat up to 4AM...I´m tired....But anyways let´s just say Niall in boxers dancing! WHIJOÅQLPAHBSQASH And then his Lilac hair! Oh god! HELP! And all the boy sjuts perfect and shirtless and oh god! It was perfect! HELEPOWKwoiujhbdj Anyways I loved it! and I think it was one of the bestes event that they ever have had! :D And I made a new cover....Chris looks much older than Niall but yeah yeah


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