2. Chapter 1 - How we got detention

"Wake up honey." My mom said and shake me awake

"Okay I´m awake." I said and sat up in my bed

"Okay good, we will have breakfast in 20 minutes." She said and leaved. Well Today is school, I am in year 9. I got up from the bed and walked to my closet and picket out my outfit witch is, a pair of normal jeans shorts, a tank top and a pair of red converse. I walked to my bathroom and took a quick shower, then I took on my clothes and then dried my hair and put on mascara. Then I walked in into my room and took my phone and looked all my kik messages. It was 5 from the group chat with Olivia, Niall and Louis. Niall and Louis are two guy in my class and they are really annoying. These were the messages

Niall: Lou are we goin t meet up tday? 

Louis: Yeah! Of course!

Olivia: Morning!

Louis: Morning 

Niall: Morning

I typed back 

Me: Morning! 

Then I locked my phone and put it in my pocket and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

"Good morning." My dad said

"Morning!" I said and sat down in a chair

"We have made some toast with tea." Mom said and I took a bite in my toast and then drank up my tea as fast as I could and then walked out with my toast in my hand

"Goodbye!" I said and walked out of the door. And walked to the bus stop and then I saw Olivia

"Hi!" I said and ran up to her 

"Hi!" She said and we talked for a while and then the bus came, we walked in and sat in the back after one station Niall and Louis came on the bus and they spotted us and had evil smirk on their faces and I knew what that meant. They are going to sit beside us.....And my luck is just showing that I sit beside them! WHOO! not

"Morning!" Louis and Niall said and smiled and sat beside me

"Morning." Olivia and I said at the same time

"So what is the first lesson today?" Niall said

"Well it is....English I think." I said and I know that, that is wrong it´s math! Blah I took up my phone and texted (On kik of course) just Olivia.

Me: It´s math. XD

Olivia: Oh okay and that is in the same classroom! This is going to be fun! XD

We looked at each other and laughed.

"What´s so funny?" Louis said

"Nothing." I said and we stopped laughing.

After about 20 minutes we were at the place people call school but it´s prison....

"Let´s go and get our folders." Louis said and Louis and Niall ran out of the bus and me and Olivia walked to our lockers that was like next to each other....We maybe had to beg to the teachers....a lot....We took our stuff.

"Let´s go and see the boy´s fail!" I said

"Yeah!" Olivia said

Five minutes later

"Bye see you after the lesson." I said and walked in in the classroom and sat on my seat in back of the classroom and beside me was Niall and in front of me was Louis.

"Welcome to the math lesson." Our teacher Miss Lees said and Louis and Nialls face looked srait to mine 

"OH MY GOD!" I said and started to laugh

"Liar!" Louis yelled

"Jerk!" I yelled back

"Peasant." Niall joined in

"Suckers!" I  yelled

"STOP!" Miss Lees yelled and we got quiet and looked straight at her

"Detention!" She said

"Look what you caused!" Louis yelled

"Well it isn't my fault that you can´t look at a schedule!" I yelled back

"But you should´t be lying!" Niall yelled 

"Now you gonna get 5 weeks deletion!" Miss Lees said....Well fuck! And then we were quiet.

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