My Special Protector

Megan is a girl living in New York City. She's been lost in a crazy world since she was 14. Her parents divorced, her twin brother died, the one person she trusted left her. Now, she doesn't know what to do. One guy may be able to help her out. Just maybe...


3. Meeting The Roommate

It seemed to take forever to get to NYC. Once we did though, I we pulled into a large condo and by large, I mean HUGE! For a moment, I just stared at it in disbelief. I could feel David looking at me but I just couldn't take my eyes of the condo.

"Please tell me, that the 'roommate' own this and not you. And if you're the one who owns it, how in the world did you get enough money to pay for this?" I asked finally.

David let out a laugh, "Nah, Christian own the place. Not me, though I wish I did. It's a pretty nice place to live. It's got a pool out back surrounded by trees."

I smiled, "That sounds cool."

He nodded, "Now, Megan remember don't be so shy. He's not like your mother but he's not like me or Nathan either. He's been going through a lot himself lately. His sister, uhhh... Caitlin, yeah Caitlin. Anyway, she's been in and out of the hospital a lot this past year. So, he's had a hard time getting used to that. I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with her but I know it ain't good. At all."

I nodded and kept looking at the condo, "Alright."

"You ready to go in?" He asked with a major questioning in his voice.

I nodded slightly and he opened his door as I opened mine. He walked toward me and put his arm around my shoulders and led me to the front door. He stopped for a moment and looked at me. He smiled at me finally and opened the door. I walked in and pressed myself against the wall and stared back at the boy staring at me from the couch. 

He had brown hair and dark brown eyes. His face looked hard and cold as if he had been hurt and broken to many times. He eyed me up and down the entire time. Once David walked in and shut the door he started up, "I'm sorry Christian. I know I didn't tell you but I just couldn't leave her with her mom. I mean every since her twin Nathan died I can tell the abuse has gotten worse. I couldn't... please understand.... I didn't..." He would have gone on longer but Christian raised his hand to silence him.

He stood up and walked towards me and held out his hand, "Hey. I'm Christian. Christian Beadles."

I took his hand hesitantly, "Megan. Megan Carder."

He smiled and then looked at David, "It's alright man. I know how that is. Don't worry about it, I mean I would've done the same thing. There is plenty of room for the three of us."

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