After finally putting her life together, can she loose it all. Due to one man and his wolf...


1. Curse



The wind just gives the lake water a slight ripple. The trees enclosing the water seem to be fences, the bark deep and worn from combat, and the roots winding and encasing the enemy. The low hanging branches skim the water, almost caressing the reflection they made.

Closing the notebook I looked back to see Andy playing football with our son, Toby. We have been married for four perfect years, and life wouldn’t be any better. He had matured a lot from when I had known him in university, almost six years ago. He was that guy that was always the ladies man, clubbing till 6 the next morning, and never running out of money.

We had met in one lecture where the teacher was out for a meeting, we combined and he had stared at me all lesson. I could feel his eyes in the back of my head and when we had to partner up, he was instantly by my side. I remember the giggles of my two best friends Anna and Jessy, as they scampered off and left me with him for the rest of the two our lecture.


That’s how we started.


My brothers weren’t that glad I had met Andy at first, my mother gushed over him and I was sure she was flirting with him at one point, thanks goodness my father was away on a business meeting.

When our relationship had hit a year, my father had died. He had apparently been drunk after a meeting and driven off a bridge, but I know that he never drunk to that point. They never found the body, only the torn up car from the river. It was a high tide and the door was found open, he would have been swept away and torn apart, even before he drowned. My father was a big part in our lives, but he was the biggest impact in my life.

I remember when the police came to our door, mom was out and it was just myself, Andy and my brothers Dan and Sam, the twins.


The pressure on my shoulder was starting to hurt so flicking myself back from the film I see that Andy was fully asleep and the twins had now joined him. I had given them my night to see what they wanted to, and they had fallen asleep! Lazy twits!

Moving myself until Andy’s head was on my lap I eventually got comfy again when three sharp knocks sounded on the front door. Lifting up the head that was on my lap I quickly ran to the door, patting my bird’s nest of what I call hair. Taking a deep breath I slowly opened the door.

“Mrs Ferguson?”

My eyes slowly lifted seeing two police officers stand on the top step of the porch. When I met their faces, they slowly took off the ebony hats that I never managed to see through the door.

“May we come in?” They were both extremely tall men, one with shaggy blonde hair and deep blue eyes, the other contrasting with shaved black hair and bright emerald eyes. Without saying anything I opened the door wider and moved out the way. They both had to duck to get through the door way and both made their way to the dining room. Following silently behind them I took a seat at one end of the table, both of them beside me facing the door.

“How can I help, my name’s Liza, Mrs Ferguson’s daughter? She won’t be back until tomorrow.” My voice was wavering, my hands shaking with nerves. Both their heads turned to look at one another; the blonde one slowly nodded his head.

“Miss-“the green eyed man started, but I cut him off.

“Liza please, no formalities.”

“Liza, my name is Pc Scott, this is Pc Anderson. Do you have anyone else hear with you, family members perhaps?”

“Just my twin brothers but they’re asleep. I’m older than both so they are in good hands.” I tried to attempt a smile while I talked, but something told me that I should brace myself. I could already feel tears in my eyes, and my throat closing up.

“We are sorry to interrupt your night, but we regret coming to give you this news but... Your father was involved in an accident earlier tonight. His car was drive over a bridge and his body was not recovered. We are truly sorry for your loss.”

Hearing those words made my heart stop, my breathing slow and my whole body freeze. The same few words repeated in my head:




“Hey Liza, where did you-“I only briefly heard Andy’s voice before image after image went through my head of my father’s face. Each new picture made me wince and flinch as they slowly morphed into those of pain and heart break as he went over the bridge, slowly they became too much as I slowly blacked out.

*End of flashback*

“Honey, you okay?” I heard Andy’s voice break my concentration. Looking up I saw his concerned gaze. Smiling softly, I nodded back at him and saw that it was reflected on his face.

His arms rubbed my bare ones as he rested his chin on my head, both of us looking out to the lake. I was finally content, happy and free.

Until I heard the strangled scream of my two year old son.

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