Writing Comp

Writing Comp
A competition where you battle it out, head to head.
You will be given a certain amount of time, to write a story in a given genre. Any other rules will be written down.
It will be like a mini competition per genre.
You don't have to enter each competition, just the ones you feel like.
It wont be based on any of your other works, just the ones you submit.
So Keep Writing! :)


4. Genre 2: Poetry

Genre 2: Poetry

Deadline: December 1st (For those in NaNoWriMo, you can just come up with a poem on December 1st)

Prompt Lines (You don't have to use them)

*A poem about weather/ water.

*A poem about animals.

*A poem about school.

*A poem about someone's life/ their feelings.





Name:                           Contestant No.          Name of Piece                    Finished?

PJManga101                       1

E.H.Weaver                         2

Stockyscouts                       3

Megites                                4                              My past your future                Yes

Mahogany Pumpkin             5                              Ignorance                               Yes

SmithEP200                         6

mrsniallhoran00                   7                              My poetry story

Alishahoran0                       8                               My sister's poetry or something like that

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