Writing Comp

Writing Comp
A competition where you battle it out, head to head.
You will be given a certain amount of time, to write a story in a given genre. Any other rules will be written down.
It will be like a mini competition per genre.
You don't have to enter each competition, just the ones you feel like.
It wont be based on any of your other works, just the ones you submit.
So Keep Writing! :)


2. Genre 1: Adventure

Genre 1: Adventure

Deadline: 18th November

Prompt Lines: (You don't have to use them)

*You run away from home, and stumble across a jungle. You face the difficulties of living in a jungle. Do you escape? Do you get eaten by an animal? Do you die of old age? Do you find another family? Do you make friends with an animal?

*You are sent on a quest. What sort of quest? What do you have to do? Where will it take you? Do you complete it or fail? Why do you do the quest?


1st- Lily Anna

2nd- Mini Corbo

3rd- L.S.Evelyn


Name:                    Contestant Number:                    Title Of Book:                     Finished:

John Bryan               1                                         The Spear Of Stars

Lily Anna                   2           Sidney Paris Langton's Adventure Book                 yes        

Mini Corbo                3                                           Life in the Jungle        

Stockyscouts            4                                            Land of Midnight

Goldilocks                 5                                                Possibilites

USA of Freedom       6

L.S.Evelyn                 7                                             Wish Away                              yes

VemJ                         8

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