I run and run, the Grim Reaper was after me. I was so fucking scared. I peed in my pants. The Grim Reaper was so horrid and has no face so I don`t know if it was a woman or a man, but I thought it was a man. Because they most scary people are men, I believe.

It all began a long time ago. I came home from dance and put my bag as I always do. It had been a great dance lesson and I can remember I was a little bit infatuated with David from the dance group. But it does not matter now, because I would die soon. That was the first day I found out I would die. That was the day I met the Grim Reaper. He was in the kitchen. He didn’t say anything but he made me cold and pallid. I didn’t tell anyone. But two weeks after I meet the Grim Reaper, I was diagnosed with cancer. And there was not a hope. There was nothing left to do, so I would die. The second time I met the Grim Reaper was also a short visit. He came from behind. He touched my shoulder and he made me sicker, so sick, you can be when you still live. I was so weak. Really, really weak. My parents and my brother was sad. I still didn’t say anything to them about my meeting with the Grim Reaper. What should I say? I have met the Grim Reaper and that is why I have cancer? Do you think they would trust me? I think they would only be sadder and believe I’m insane and scared because I’m going to die. I was also scared, for meeting the Grim Reaper again and also because I was going to die. I have not experience all that I wish to experience. I will never have a baby and I will never buy a, way to expensive house and take a fun trip with my best friends. And be old, I will never be old. Think about it, strange to thinking about, right?

The last time I met the Grim Reaper I died. He came to kill me. And that was when I ran. I ran from the Grim Reaper, but you can`t outrun Death. The only thing you can do is to try, but Death wins all the time. That is why some people just give up and die without trying to survive. But I am not a quitter! I don’t give up! I will not lie down and die! I will try to survive, even if it doesn’t matter! I know I will not survive, but I will try as hard as I can!

There is no escaping it- I died!                   

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