The Neon Lights

Hazel is a naive, kind teenager and doesn't stray away from the nice kind girl everyone knows she is until Harry turns up who shows her the darkness and the bad things in life. She see's everything as "The glass is half full" as Harry would say "The glass is half empty" but together they have saved each other in one way or another... But they don't know it yet!


14. Look good

-Hazel's POV-


"Cheers" Harry mumbled to Zayn as he starred off into the distance.


 Brushing his hand through his shaggy black hair, Zayn looked up from the ground "I'll try my best mate" he sighed then turned his back and began to plod back up the dirt path that lead up to the half opened steal gate Zayn must have walked through to find us.


 As I heard the gate latch fasten, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It was freezing outside! Putting my hands into my pockets, the wind began to blow stronger making me shiver. Just then Harry arched his head downwards with an expression of concern spread across his ever so beautiful but harsh face, he reached out and intertwined both if out fingers together, as he did so his eyebrows creased "your frozen" he brought my hands up to his face and began to rub them against his smooth cheeks, this made me smile and he had realised this "you look so beautiful when you smile" blushing, I looked down at the ground trying to stop the butterfly's in my tummy becoming any more of a distraction. He began to move our intertwined hands around to his mouth and placed a light kiss on my knuckles. He could be so sweet when he wanted to be!


 Another strong gust of wind came making my hair go in-front of my face. Unlinking my fingers with Harry's, I began to move my hair back away from my face. My hair didn't give up the fight that easily though! Having long hair was a disadvantage sometimes. Most people compliment me on my hair saying 'your hair is so long, its beautiful' and 'I wish I had long hair like you!' or even the occasional 'can you sit on it?' and the answer is NO! I wish I could but my hair has decided it is going to stop growing just above my bum! I would love hair down to my bum, Just thinking of it makes me feel giddy.


 Just then Harry snapped me from my thoughts "Here" He grunted as he passed me his jacket "put this on. Your freezing"


 Taking the kind gesture, I took his jacket and slipped it on. It was a nice blazer, simple, but nice... The black buttons went well on the emerald green, suede jacket. "Thanks" glancing into his eyes, I shot him a quick smile before he held out his beautifully, gentle hand open ready for me to take. As I glided my hand into his soft grip, my hand felt so small compared to his.


 "Let's get you back into the car" He glanced back over his shoulder to try and see if all the fuss had gone down but there was nobody up there! The poor guy must have crawled away and found somewhere safe to hide.


 Harry set off in a steady, speed up the path that lead to the gate he had launched over earlier. Putting my hand out to open the gate, Harry got to it before me and swung it open uttering "After you beautiful" I looked into his eyes as he said it and he gave me a fully dimpled smile. It was cute!


 When I had walked through the gate, I waited for Harry patiently as he closed it, as he did so he lent both of his hands on the gate and his shoulders raised to the deep breath he had taken in and let out slowly. Turning to face me, he scanned me up and down "You look good in my jacket" he stated to me as he began to walk towards me.


 "Thanks" I shyly mumbled to him as I began to fiddle with the long sleeves of his jacket, letting my hair fall down over my face trying to cover the redness rushing to my face.


 Unfortunately Harry had noticed and asked "Are you blushing?" he knew the answer so I just looked at him not saying a word. He looked victorious as he cheekily said "If you blush at a compliment I can't wait to see you when I talk dirty to you" he winked at me before slapping me on the bum. He was so childish! I hit his hand away and began to walk away from him but it was no use because his legs were longer than mine so he caught up easily.


 "Harry!" I shrieked as he came up behind me and scooped me off of my feet and chucked me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" I laughed as he began to jog up the banking over to the pavement. He wasn't planning of putting me down any time soon!


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