The Neon Lights

Hazel is a naive, kind teenager and doesn't stray away from the nice kind girl everyone knows she is until Harry turns up who shows her the darkness and the bad things in life. She see's everything as "The glass is half full" as Harry would say "The glass is half empty" but together they have saved each other in one way or another... But they don't know it yet!


7. Kiss me

I silently walked out of the kitchen and into the hall way whilst wiping away the tears that had fallen a few seconds ago. I glanced back to see Harry grasping my night bag in one hand and the other he held out for me.

 I glared at his hand showing no emotion, a few seconds later he placed his hand back down to his side as he quietly chuckled to himself. "your so stubborn" he joked before sauntering to the  door. When he got to the front door he spun around and looked at me waiting for me to follow after him. I stood perfectly still showing no emotion towards him.

 "come on mardy bum" The curly haired boy sighed before sprinting over to me with his huge lanky legs as he took a firm grip on my wrist and began to walk back over to the door. I tried to resist his grip but I was getting the feeling that I would never win his pure strength. I would just have to play along with his pushiness.

 He didn't say a word to me as we walked out side Into the street. As we got to a huge, black land rover sport he opened the passenger door and let go of my small wrist as he waited for me to get into the car. I felt his inpatient glare go strait through me as I cautiously took a step closer to the car. "what's taking you so long?!" he snapped giving me a sudden fright as he slipped me off of my feet and plonked me in the passenger seat and from out if no where he clipped my seat belt in for me! This took me by surprise because no one had clipped me in in ages! Harry quickly slammed the door and did a little jog round to the drivers side of the car.

 As he swung his door open I had realised his eyes were a shade lighter that before so I took this as a slight advantage, "why me?" I asked him grabbing his hand as he was just about to clip in.

 Looking at me puzzled, he nudged my hand away from his seat belt as he carried on clipping in "you have a sexy pair of legs babe" he said avoiding the question I had just asked. Just then he brought one of his large hands over to my leg and squeezed my leg playfully. As soon as he did that I hit his hand away from me and started out of the window. Laughter filled the car as Harry looked up at me before looking down at a built in touch screen in the middle of us two. I watched as he typed my house number in and set the rout going. Just then the little screen turned into a little map with a red dotted line with an arrow on it showing harry which way my house was.

 -Parked outside my house-

 Harry screeched to an abrupt halt directly outside my house, quickly he got out and walked round to my side. I watched him walk round to my side I watched him as he scanned the area around us as if he was looking for someone. Just then Harry swung the door open waiting for me to get out. As I got out I watched how he tensed his jaw waiting for me to get out impatiently. When my feet touched the floor Harry watched me intently swing back around and grab my overnight bag, I clung it close to my chest. Just then Sam came walking down the road and as he came over to me I watched how Harry's eyes changed into an even darker shade of green.

 "Heya Hazel." Sam beamed a huge smile at me as he gave me a huge hug. As soon as he brought me into the hug I felt a chill go down my spine as Harry spat the words "Get your filthy fucking hands off of her!"

 Sam quickly pulled out of the hug and looked at Harry in shock as he said "what did you just say to me!?"

 I watched intently as Harry put his hands down to his sides fisting his hands and tensing his jaw bone. "I Said get your filthy fucking hands off of her!" he growled.

 "Harry" I pleaded to him as he took a step closer to Sam "Harry, stop! He is a friend!" I said sternly. There was still no answer from him. Sam glanced over at me looking for some help. I was lost in what to say.

 There was only one last thing I could try.. "Harry" I abruptly said "Kiss me"

 Harry quickly span around and his fists turned back into loose palms as he began to walk towards me. All of a sudden I felt scarred because Harry pushed me up against the side of the land rover and Sam watched me in awe as Harry began to grind his hips into mine leaving me to whimper with the sure power of Harry up against me. I looked over at Sam as Harry began to suck on my neck just above my reddened mark he had made the day before. "go" I uttered to Sam as he began to step closer to me. He soon obeyed me and began to walk away, this soon turned into a slow jog. "Harry, stop!" I strained as Harry tried to come even closer to me. Taking in quick fast breaths, I tried to push Harry away from my neck but when I pulled his hair I wasn't expecting his reaction he gave. Harry let out a deep moan and he pushed his hips even closer to mine as I felt something hardening in his trousers. He stopped kissing my neck and wrested his forehead on mine "do you feel that?" he questioned me as he pushed his hips up a little so I could feel the hard mussel in his trousers against my waist.

 "Stop it" I pleaded to him, but there was no use because he Just carried on what he was saying.

 He put a finger over my mouth and said "You have just turned me on. I like it wen a girl is rough with me" I felt like my legs were going to collapse from under me any second now. I took a deep breath as Harry picked me up and span me round to face my door.

 I couldn't wait to get inside and go away from Harry.

 "Come on then sweetie. After you" he stepped aside after he had opened my gate and let me past. When we got to the front door Harry asked "Is your Mum in?"

 "no" I sighed placing one hand on the door handle for support to keep me up right.

 "why isn't she home? You can't be left by yourself all day!" he folded his arms as he scolded me with his harsh words. I felt like a kid getting told off by a responsible adult but Harry was no where near responsible!

 I have had enough of his stupid behaviour! I shouted to him "I don't give a flying fuck what you think what I SHOULD do or SHOULDN'T do! I am my own person and I believe I would be safer by myself than in your hands! Just fuck off!" I looked up at him as I tried to pick out the emotion he had plastered on his face... AMUSEMENT!!!!!

 "Your a feisty one" he began to laugh as he pinched my bum again and as he did so he turned around and walked back over to his car. When he opened the car door he shouted over to me "see you tomorrow sweetie pie!" and he blew a kiss and waved at me before laughing and got into the car.

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