The Neon Lights

Hazel is a naive, kind teenager and doesn't stray away from the nice kind girl everyone knows she is until Harry turns up who shows her the darkness and the bad things in life. She see's everything as "The glass is half full" as Harry would say "The glass is half empty" but together they have saved each other in one way or another... But they don't know it yet!


6. Innocent

Just then Heather came back in with a box of teabags clutched in her hand "thanks Harry" she complimented him whilst getting three mugs out of the cupboard "tea?" she asked looking up at The curly haired boy waiting for a reply.
 He nodded whilst sitting at the table, as he did so he patted the seat next to him, indicating for me to sit down.

 "I'm okay" I gave him a fake smile.

 "oh have a seat Hunny!" Heather sighed ushering me to the seat next to Harry.

 Heather passed us our tea and sat at the other side of the table and placed her own tea in front of her as she sweetly smiled at me.

 Just as I took a sip out of my tea Harry placed his hand on my thigh, I began to choke on the hot liquid I had in my mouth with the shock of what was happening under the table that Heather didn't know about. He began to chuckle to himself, how he thought it was amusing I had no idea but there's boys for you!

 "so.." Harry said getting up after he had finished his tea "I better be on my way"

 "walk him to the door darling" Heather tapped me on the shoulder giving me the motivation to get up and walk with him out of the kitchen.

 Strait after the door was closed Harry took the advantage, pinning me to the wall with his own body as he began to breathily speak to me "you better get used to my hand there Hunny" as he placed his hand on my thigh again rubbing his hand up and down, getting closer to my upper thigh every time,
 "please, stop" I begged closing my eyes with the sudden heat raze. My emotions began to run as I said between gritted teeth "why the hell did you follow me home!?" I paused taking in a deep breath, "And watch me get changed!? What the hell are you doing here!?" his heated gaze put me off nerve feeling very nervous and scared.

 "Your different from the other girls..." he paused, playing with my hair "your..." he licked his bottom lip as he gazed into my eyes "your... Innocent" he smiled looking down at my bruise before looking fully into my eyes "I like it" I couldn't take it any more! I let out a quiet whimper and closed my eyes as he ground his hips into mine, letting out a deep throaty moan from the back of his throat "I'm going to enjoy you being mine" he winked at me before he came in to kiss me and I quickly jolted my head to the side so he kissed my cheek instead. I couldn't actually believe what he was saying to me! When I opened my eyes again he was at the door and he caught my gaze saying "see you tomorrow at half six" he winked at me before closing the door.


~~I felt a single tear fall down my cheek as I slid to the ground and curled up into a ball. What was I going to do?


 I began to breath deeper and slower as I felt someones presence by the side of me.

 "Hazel?" a confused voice asked above me "what's up?" it was Heather..

 "nothing" I gushed swiping away the tears on my cheeks. "just tired.. That's all"

 She smiled at me and held out a hand for me to take. I took it willingly and got up from the floor "you dont have to stay all day Hunny" she admitted "I can take you home now if you want?"

 I nodded to her tucking my stray hair behind my ear "that would be nice" I put on a slight smile on my face as she squeezed my hand for reassurance.

 "go and get your stuff Hun and I'll take you home"

 Just then there was a knock at the door but by the tall figure in the blurred glass I could tell it was Harry.

 My heart sunk as Heather walked over to the door and opened it "hello again, how may I help you this time?" she asked Harry letting him walk into the hallway.

 "I forgot my phone" he grunted walking through to the kitchen and a few seconds later walking back out stuffing his phone into his back pocket of his black skinny jeans.

 "Harry" she blurted waiting for Harry to look up "I was wondering.. Will you take Hazel home? She says she is really tired and I was just wondering.. Because.. You know.. Your already driving somewhere you could drop Hazel off too."

 My heart sank as Harry nodded "yeah sure, would love to" he grinned over at me as he got out of his jacket pocket his car keys and smugly pursed his lips towards me.

 "I'll go and get your overnight bag Hunny.. I'll be back in a second" Heather mumbled running up the stairs into the girls room.

 Reluctantly I turned to face Harry who was looking me up and down at this time. As I scowled at him a huge smirk spread across his plump lips as he walked over to me with his confidence showing fully as he stared into my sky blue eyes and wetting his lips with his tongue.

 "what you got underneath your pyjamas?" he asked placing one of his large hands on my bum pulling me closer to him so I was pressed up against his chest. I tried to pull away but his strength was overpowering me. I was helpless in his solid grip. "hmm" he hummed whilst he began to move his hand up to the hem of my pyjama shorts.

 "Don't!" I uttered looking into his dark green eyes. I could feel my eyes tearing up, I couldn't cope any more! I wanted this torture to stop!

 For some reason when he saw a tear roll slowly down my pail cheek his eyes changed a shade of lighter green and he pulled his hand away from my bottom as his expression changed into a concerned one,
 "oh, babe.. Don't cry" he brought me into a hug but I managed to push away from him and into the kitchen. He was hot on my heals and by the time I walked into the kitchen he had grasped my right wrist into his hand and with no effort he pulled me closer to him and brought me into a huge hug again. I had no energy this time to move so I stayed perfectly still with my eyes closed as I took some deep breaths trying to calm myself down.

 Just then Heather walked in holding my bag "sorry for interrupting you two... Erm... Here is her stuff Harry" she awkwardly walked out of the room after handing the green orbed boy my overnight bag.

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