The Neon Lights

Hazel is a naive, kind teenager and doesn't stray away from the nice kind girl everyone knows she is until Harry turns up who shows her the darkness and the bad things in life. She see's everything as "The glass is half full" as Harry would say "The glass is half empty" but together they have saved each other in one way or another... But they don't know it yet!


11. I think it is vile!

The booming music hit me as we walked into the night club. Harry was keeping me very close to him as he scanned the entirety of the night club until he new I was in safe hands.

 "there they are" Harry's vision was glued to a table as he spoke over the music to me.

 I was quite confused on who he was meaning because there wasn't much lighting in the club. There were just blue lights everywhere.

 Finally, we got over to a small table in the corner of the club. There were five people on the table, Two of them were very pretty girls with elegant hair and lovely makeup. The other three were men. Harry soon brought me over to the table as his friends welcomed him to sit down.

 "Hey, mate!" The first bloke stood up and lent across the table spilling a drink on the way to punch Harry playfully on the shoulder. Harry smiled and sat down next to him. I felt so embarrassed as the whole group were looking at me. "Who's this Harry? Your new gal?" He asked sounding interested.

 "Everyone she is my baby, If any one hurts her you will have to deal with me! She is mine and only mine." He glared at the three lads as if to intimidate them.

 "Don't worry Harry! I have my own kitty" The same guy who said this lent over to the girl next to him and snuggled into her.

 "Whats your name darling?" A blond haired lady asked me. She looked around my age with a more tanned skin and her eyes were magical. They were an indigo colour. I had never seen indigo eyes before!

 "Zoe This is Hazel, Hazel this is Zoe." Harry butted in introducing us. "I have known Zoe for a very long time and I think you'll be good friends ."

 "I would love to be your friend" she smiled at me before turning to her friend and began to chat again.

 Harry put his hand on my leg and began to pat it so he had my attention "This is Craig" he pointed to a tall, blond haired lad who had his hair swept back off of his face and on his neck he had the name in a small love heart... It read 'Rose' I was guessing Rose was his girlfriend. She was very pretty her long black hair with beach waves, she looked so pretty and Rose had bright red lipstick on with a dark thick line of eyeliner around her entrancing olive green eyes.

 "Hi Hazel" Craig smiled at me before looking me up and down and snidely commented to Harry "She is a sexy gal!"

 Harry didn't take this well at all and shot up and stood over him "Don't comment about Hazel like that! She's mine!" He almost growled!

 "okay mate!" Craig put his hands up at Harry trying to calm him down "I was only saying. Calm the fuck down man" They both began to laugh before Harry sat down again and looked at me.

 "I can only call you those names" he winked at me before turning back round to Craig. As he did so I looked down to the floor and sat quietly. Before I had any choice in the matter Harry had plonked me on his knee and began to move my hair to one side so my neck was exposed. I began to breath deep breaths "Harry, don't do it here. Please" he wasn't listening though! He began to roughly kiss my neck and graze his teeth over the entirety of my neck. "Harry" I begged.  His friends blocked us out as he kissed me. He nuzzled into my neck, I couldn't cope much longer! he began to quietly moan to himself as he kissed my neck.

 "wow Harry! Leave that stuff for when your alone! we don't want to see you eating her up" Craig said in disgust. He grinned "You wanna get a drink?" He asked Harry.

 "Yeah sure" Harry grunted as he let go of me so I could get off of his knee.

 "Stay here!" he demanded "I will be back in a second" Harry got up and walked over to the bar with Craig. I watched in awe as the whole club parted for Harry to get though! Everyone was scarred of him! This worried me on how powerful he actually was!

 Rose smirked before she finally spoke to me in a very giggly voice "That looked steamy! Wow! You can tell he really likes you! Did you see him go for my baby? He is already getting protective over you! Just... Wow"

 This made me feel very embarrassed "I'm going to the toilet I will be back soon. I wont be long" I had to get away.

 "Okay Hunny. I would also look at your neck.. you may want to use a bit of cover up when you get home" she winked at me before I got up and walked over to the toilets.

 Eventually I managed to find the toilets and when I closed the door I was relieved that there was no one there, If there would have been I would have probably burst out into tears. I needed some time to calm the hell down.

 Walking over to the half-smashed mirror, I lent forward on the sink and looked closely to my neck.small grazes were left on the entirety on my neck like I had fallen on some gravel or scratched myself. I couldn't face Harry or his friends any more. Not with this horrible mark he has put along side my love bight.

 Just then my thoughts were interrupted as Rose walked in saying "You have been in here for ages! Harry has sent me to check on you. Are you okay?" she smiled at me waiting for me to speak.

 "Yeah I will be okay... I just need some time. I am going to go outside for a while." I said taking some deep breaths as she came closer to me. I shouldn't have been scarred though because she seemed a nice person.

 "I don't smoke but if you want one I have my baby's fags in my bag if your running low?" She began to root through her bag as I had realised what she had just said.

 "No, no..." I began to protest "I don't smoke! I think it is vile!" I stated to her.

 "Oh Okay" She said sounding quite disappointed in a way. This made me quite confused on why she was disappointed bit I didn't ask why.

 "I will tell Harry you will be outside" She smiled before taking my hand.

  I pulled away begging "Please don't tell him. I want some alone time" She understood and nodded obediently to me.

 "see you later then" she smiled before stumbling off in her high heels half sober, half tipsy. It was kind of funny to watch.

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