The Neon Lights

Hazel is a naive, kind teenager and doesn't stray away from the nice kind girl everyone knows she is until Harry turns up who shows her the darkness and the bad things in life. She see's everything as "The glass is half full" as Harry would say "The glass is half empty" but together they have saved each other in one way or another... But they don't know it yet!


13. I don't give a shit..


 Why wouldn't Zayn pick up his phone!? I needed him! "For fuck sake " I cursed as the phone went onto answer machine.

 I tried again. As I put the phone up to my ear I heard Hazel say "Who are you talking to?"

 she was so nosy! "Non of your business" I mumbled trying to keep calm.

 "Hello?" Zayn grunted from the other side of the phone "what do you want? I was busy"

 Quickly, I interrupted him saying "I need you to do me another favour mate"

 Just then I heard Zayn take a deep breath out "what did you do this time Haz?"

 "Meet me in the park right now" I ordered to him.

 "But I am in my dressing gown" He moaned. I began to stroke my fingers through Hazel's long, brown, wavy hair as she stayed tightly clung onto me.

 "I don't give a shit.. Zayn! It is an emergency! Just get some clothes on and come outside now." I sternly said down the phone to him.

 "Okay" He huffed as he put the phone down.

 "Hazel" I calmly said to her as I slipped my phone back into my pocket. "Please look at me" I asked her. She soon gave in and looked up into my eyes and as she did so I felt like I was going to melt. She was so fucking hot and she didn't even know it!

 "what!?" she scowled at me before pushing away from me. I seriously don't know what I did ! Most girls liked how I treated them... But not Hazel. She was different.

 "I am going to meet my friend here in a minute. He is a powerful man who knows a lot of powerful people who have helped me in the past. He will sort out this mess" I winked at her before squeezing her perfectly shaped arse. "Just don't worry... Okay" I waited for her to answer me but she just nodded and walked over to the park swings. As she sat on the old, rusty swings I felt a flash back start.

 *Flash back*

 "Who do you think you are hitting my sister!?" I shouted over to a tall, blonde boy who was stood over her at the swings.

 He turned around with a smirk spread right across his face "And what dose it matter to you?"

 I felt my stomach flip as I saw him push Gemma off of the swing with some force. She sat up as she wiped blood from the back of her head. "GET OFF OF HER!" I yelled running towards him with my fists clenched.

 "What you going to do about it?' he began to laugh at me as he turned around and kicked my sister in the leg. This is when his friends began to push me. Running towards him I connected my fist with the side of his face as he fell down to the floor.

 Just then one of his friends came from behind and punched me in the kidneys. The pain was excruciating! Yelling out in pain I also fell to the ground. The blonde haired kid stood over me with his haunting smirk appearing on his face once again "You want some to?" and as soon as he finished this statement he began to kick me on the floor. Gemma stood up and tried to help me but it was to late... a few minutes later I was a bloody heap on the floor. The guys scampered off as they left me with my sister looking down at me with tears forming in her eyes.

 "Harry" she cried "Harry... Are you okay?" I remember that night I got carried back home by Gemma to find my Dad was asleep in the living room and my mum was sat cowering in the kitchen wiping away her tears and washing blood out of her own hair, She said it wasn't dad but I could tell it was. My mum laid me in bed and soothed my wounds as I fell asleep. the last thing I remember her saying  was "Your such a brave boy"




~~Hazel's POV -

 "Harry?" He was stood still, starring, with his fists clenched tight shut. "What's the matter Harry?" he didn't answer me. Getting off of the swing I began to walk over to him feeling very nervous. Harry looked like he was in deep thought. "Harry" I uttered quietly to him as I walked closer to him until I was millimetres away from him "Are you okay?" It was scary.

 "Hey!" I heard a man shout over to us. This made me jump, it also made Harry jump. "Hazz?" the man began to walk quicker when he saw it was Harry then it turned into a little jog. "Whats up?" he jumped when he saw me then began to laugh "You scared me then." he glanced at Harry with a smirk light up on his face "It is no time for fraternising with birds Ha-"

Harry stepped in front of me protectively and growled to the bloke "She is mine!" I felt awkward because I had never been so aggressively protected like this before. I had never really had a boyfriend before... well... there were little boyfriend and girlfriends when we were nine but they didn't really count. I had never had a serious relationship before.

 "Okay" The guy put his hands up in the air trying to calm Harry down "Calm down Harry its okay I was only messing with you" I peeked over Harry's shoulder and smiled at the man trying to seem friendly for first impressions.

 "Sorry mate." Harry apologised to him. His hair was styled up in a black quiff with a blonde streak on the left side of his hair. He had stubble on his face and jet black circle stud earrings  in. He smiled at me holding his hand out for me to shake "My name is Zayn. It's nice to meet you" I shook his hand. He had a strong grip "what's your name babe?"

 "My name is Hazel" I shyly uttered to him before Harry pulled me close to his side with his huge hand.

 "So, what did you need me for Harry?" He asked seeming concerned.

 "At the club I kind-of beat a guy up because he was going to do something to do something to Hazel... He also had a knife! I don't know if someone saw me... would you look if there is any security cameras around the area and work your magic because I beat him up quite bad." I could tell Harry was getting more and more angry with every word he said "I would have killed him but Hazel stopped me"

 "wow" Zayn said sounding shocked, he squinted at me before he nodded at Harry "I will try my best Harry... No promises though."


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