The Neon Lights

Hazel is a naive, kind teenager and doesn't stray away from the nice kind girl everyone knows she is until Harry turns up who shows her the darkness and the bad things in life. She see's everything as "The glass is half full" as Harry would say "The glass is half empty" but together they have saved each other in one way or another... But they don't know it yet!


8. He's a friend xx

I opened my over night bag and peered inside it as I raked through the whole of my bag trying to find the house keys. Eventually I found them and inserted the key into the lock and turned it anti-clockwise, as I heard the lock click open I fell into my house and slammed the door shut. Sliding down the door frame, tears began to run down my face as I looked back on the events that happened this morning! Just as I stopped crying my phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out to see 1 new message. As I opened it I was relieved when it read "Sam" at the top of the message. I clicked on the message and began to read it:

 Heya Hazel,
 Thanks for earlier.
 Are you okay? Who even was he?
 Sam xx

 I took a deep breath, calming myself down fully as I thought to myself 'I couldn't tell him the proper story behind it because he will go ballistic and shout at me' I thought carefully.. In the end I decided on putting this:

 He's a friend xx

 As I put my phone away a few seconds later and my phone vibrated again, It was Sam:

 Yeah right! Totally looked like he was 'just friends' with you. Is that's why he was basically eating you up!? Who is he Hazel? I saw the love bite.. Is that from him?

 I couldn't take this any more! I slowly pushed the small button in on my phone at the top and it locked. As I slid my phone into my pocket it vibrated again but I didn't answer it. Still clutching my bag I walked up stairs and turned off into my room on the right.

 When I got into my room I turned my fairy lights on that were wrapped around the head of my bed and then slowly walked back over to the door and closed it. The only lights that were on were the neon fairy lights. I was knackered!

 I stripped down to my pants and bra then walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out a vest top and some shorts and chucked them on my bed. I began to unfasten my bra but just then my gaze shot to the window and as I had been expecting, a tall, Curley haired figure stood looking up at me leaning back on his black car. Quickly I ran over to the window and pulled the blinds closed and slid to the floor and bust into tears again. How dare Harry watch me get undressed again!

 Pulling myself together, I got up and walked over to the clean pair of pyjamas that didn't have any marshmallow goo over them. I unfastened my bra and chucked it in the washing up pile and pulled the vest top over my head, pulling it all the way down making myself feel safer. I pulled my pants down and quickly stepped out of them and chucked them into the washing pile too. After I had put my shorts on I hopped into bed and placed my phone on my bedside table as I put it on charge.

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