The Neon Lights

Hazel is a naive, kind teenager and doesn't stray away from the nice kind girl everyone knows she is until Harry turns up who shows her the darkness and the bad things in life. She see's everything as "The glass is half full" as Harry would say "The glass is half empty" but together they have saved each other in one way or another... But they don't know it yet!


1. Darker Shade Of Green

I exhaled a deep breath as I waited for my friends across the road from a very loud night club, I had never been inside the club before but for some reason I didn't want to go in, it just looked a bit to lively for my liking if you get what I mean. The blue neon lights lite up the outside of the club making it look enticing for teenagers my age, but some blue lights didn't work on me, I am staying right here on this freezing cold wall waiting for my so called friends to turn up! Just then my eyes began to scan the people outside the night club, for some reason I felt scarred and insecure for no reason what so ever until I crossed my gaze upon a tall, curly haired guy in the shadows outside the night club. He was starring directly at me! Just then I had a shudder all the way down my spine as he licked his lips and smiled at me letting his dimples show. Just then the man stood up fully and began to walk casually over to me as his face lite up with the blue neon lights I saw his beautiful green, emerald eyes turn into a darker shade of green, was this really happening?

He didn't say a word as he crossed the road over to my side, I stood up off the wall trying to make myself look taller as he came even closer to me. As he got fully over to me he placed his large hands on my hips pulling me towards him as I felt a bulge growing in his trousers with the presence of my body against his. I tried to push away from the tall figure but his strength overpowered me. He lowered his head to my ear as he whispered in a deep, husky tone ,"your mine now" his words left shudders down my spine as he slowly chuckled looking down at my petrified, stiff posture. I couldn't take it anymore! I closed my eyes and tried to get more air in my lungs but the only air was tinged with the smell of the deodorant the curly haired guy was wearing at this currant moment in time, he took this as an advantage and petaled soft kisses down my jaw line until he got to my collar bone and he began to kiss harder as my eyes began to flutter with the extreme heat of this incidence, I took a sharp breath in as the curly haired boy began to nibble at the tender skin and suck quite hard at the part of skin above my collar bone, I tried to push him away again and this time he didn't retaliate, he peeled off my neck leaving me breathless starting up at him in fright as he took one of his hands from around my waist and began to admire the reddened bruise he had created. He had marked me! I winced as he began to touch the sensitive area. I swatted his hand away in disgust as he chuckled, he thought this was a game.

Just then he moved his hand back down my back, drawing an invisible line to my back pocket of my trousers. He reached in my back pocket to reveal my phone but before he took my phone, he playfully pinched my bum.

When I tried to grab my phone off of him he got both of my hands in one of his hands and held them together quite forcefully by the wrists. He began to type something in on my phone and then looked up at me and winked as another phone began to ring. It was his phone! He had called his phone on my phone so now he had got my number! I closed my eyes again whilst swearing under my breath, but just as I let the swear word slip out of my mouth I felt the bloke's breath wash over me "don't swear babe, only I'm aloud to do the swearing" and as soon as he said that he kissed me on the cheek and he walked away, not taking another glance at me , he crossed the road making a car screech to a halt as he walked out in front of it, but he didn't even flinch, he just carried on and walked into the night club not taking any notice of the car driver beeping the horn and swearing at him.


I stumbled back and sat on the wall trying to take in what just happened, my ears pricked up as I heard my friends voices coming up from behind me, I felt relived as I felt Izzy's hand gently place on my shoulder "sorry for the lateness Hunny, we kind of got held up by Jass's mum asking what were we actually doing because Jass here forgot to tell her mum" Izzy amusingly looked at Jass and rolled her eyes.

Just then Courtney gasped and I looked up at her as she began to stare at the red tainted skin just above my collar bone, "who the hell has done that Hazel?"

I quickly looked down at my shoes trying to stop the current subject from getting inspected by all of my friends but it was all ready to late for that, just then Jess uttered "erm.. Yeah, who did that Hazel?"

Just then Izzy bent down in front of me looking up at me as she got hold of both of my hands and whispered so only us two could hear "at least tell me Hunny, you know I wouldn't tell anyone" she put a warm, comforting smile on her face as she squeezed my hands in reassurance "please" she whispered looking deep into my eyes.

I nodded to her "I'll tell you all" I paused waiting for Izzy to come and sit next to me.

"so..." Courtney said slowly coming to sit next to me waiting for me to explain.

"the thing is... I dont even know his name." I explained to the girls as they look over in complete awe "he just kind of walked over to me and erm..."

"oooo, come on tell us in detail" Jess burst in through the middle of my sentence sounded excited.

"He erm.." I stuttered out sounding as if I couldn't even believe it myself "He forced my hips to his as he made me feel his erm.. Boner through his trousers... And he began to kiss me and he... He.. He gave me a love bight and I dont even know him!" the girls were all "ooo"ing and "ahh"ing the whole time until Izzy asked "Did he say anything to you?"

I thought for a second before his deep husky voice came back in my head as he uttered the words "your mine now" what does that even mean?

Looking up at Izzy I quietly said "he said... Your mine now" the last three words fell from my Tongue as if I was scared of what would happen,
"your mine now" Izzy began to repeat the words again and again underneath her breath whilst she starred up at the neon lights before looking back at me and asked "what dose that mean?"

"I don't know Izzy, but he has my number now... He got my phone and phoned his with it.. What am I going to do?" I felt cold all of a sudden and a chill went up my spine as Izzy got hold of my hand,
"It will be all right" but I knew by her tone of voice she just said it to make me feel better.

Just then Jass got off the wall followed closely by Courtney and Jess "let's forget about this random sex kitty that got a hard one for Hazel over there when we still have popcorn, Ice cream  and shit to eat at Izzy's house whilst watching films!!!" Courtney winked at me whist getting hold of my hand as I hopped off the wall.

I looked back to see Izzy chuckling to herself as she walked over to us lot ready to set off to makeover madness at Izzy's house.

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