The Neon Lights

Hazel is a naive, kind teenager and doesn't stray away from the nice kind girl everyone knows she is until Harry turns up who shows her the darkness and the bad things in life. She see's everything as "The glass is half full" as Harry would say "The glass is half empty" but together they have saved each other in one way or another... But they don't know it yet!


10. 6:00pm

 The dreaded time had come... My digital clock beeped as I looked up at it. It read... 6:00pm
 That only left one thing. Harry! As I got up from my bed I locked my phone  and my ears pricked up as I heard a nocking at the door. A broad bang bang banging at the door. It must be Harry!

 Grabbing my handbag I plodded down the stairs and as I got to the front door my Mum was all ready there.

 "Come on in Harry" she warmly welcomed him in but as he saw me he stopped looking at my mum. His full a tension was on me. "I have heard all about you from Heather. We are such close friends and you seem such a lovely young man! Would you like a cup of tea?" My mum asked as she walked over to me, ushering me forward to Harry.

 When I was of close enough range of Harry's arm span he quickly pulled me into a hug.

 "Aw look at you both!" She squeaked. My mum was so excited that someone had asked me on a date because I never got asked on a date, I was the girl know-one fancied!

 I managed to causally pull myself out of the hug I faced my mum as she began to speak again. "Would you like a drink?" She asked again.

 Harry still had his arms around my waist and gradually he had pulled me up to his body so I could feel him. "No, we will be okay." Harry grunted.

 "Oh okay" my mum opened the door for us and looked up at Harry. She uttered "keep her safe" By my mum's voice she sounded slightly tearful but my mum was like that sometimes.

 "I'll keep her safe. Don't worry about that" Harry mumbled in his deep husky voice.

 Quickly, Harry ushered me out of the house making not time for goodbyes. Soon as we were outside, Harry asked "did you like my charm?" he seemed amused when I din't answer but as we got to the car Harry stopped in his paces. I tried to carry on with walking but Harry stopped me in my foot steps as he brought me close to his side and made me look up at him. His amazing aroma was quite something! "Look at me" he demanded as he became tired of my pettiness towards him. I wasn't being petty though! I was terrified of him! I brought up the confidence to look him in the eyes but as soon as I did so he began to rant "You aren't going to enjoy yourself if your going to be sulky all night with me. Just try and be yourself... I don't bight" he paused and licked his plump bottom lip "well... not very hard" soon after he said this he let out a belting laugh. The way he had me in his arms was so uncomfortable, he had me close to his chest like he was trying to actually murgh his body into mine so our bodies could become one. "Let's get you into the car then baby" for my relief he let me go and I managed to walk over to the car without collapsing right there and then.

 Getting ready to open the car door, Harry bolted his hand to the handle and said "Let me be a gentleman" As I looked at him he had a huge smirk plastered on his hard face. It was so strange how one minute he could be fine and the next he could be so scary! This made me scarred of him and wanted to be with someone else.

 When I finally got into the huge car, Harry got my seat belt and tried to clip me in. This time I pushed his hand away "I can clip a seat belt in you know?" I said sternly to him. This made him lost  for word and he closed the door and walked round to his side. Quickly I clipped my seat belt in and took a deep breath.

 Harry got into the car and strait away clipped in. After he did so he looked at me, I glanced down and began to play with my nails. In the corner of my eye I watched him as he hesitated to reach out and touch me. This made my heart pump faster as silence crept over the car. Harry cleared his thought, I quickly glanced up to see he had concern on his face "Hazel' he said seeming calm "I just wanted to make sure you know I would never, ever hurt you. I would do anything to keep you out of danger and would let no one hurt you. If you are ever in danger please call out for me and I will be there by your side." I had butterflies in my tummy and goosebumps on my arms as he said this. I had never seen this side of Harry before. I liked it.

 "Thanks Harry" I uttered looking into his eyes and as I looked into his eyes he blushed ever so slightly. Unexpectedly he put the car into gear and began to drive. This made me smirk because Harry was embarrassed about showing his emotions to someone. This made me think he had never told a girl this before. I bet it was just rough sex and outside to the curb again. ugh! It makes me feel sick! How many women has he even slept with?! This made me feel scarred but also feel sorry for him. He needs someone to talk to. Everyone needs someone.

 Interrupting my thoughts Harry butted in saying "Hazel" He paused "You know I would never push you into anything so serious as sex. I'm not that kind of guy. If you don't want it then I'll have to wait." this made me blush, he had noticed this as he glanced over. He began to chuckle to himself as he said "But I bet you will be smoking! With those hips your sure to go far"

 "HARRY!" I interrupted his crude words.

 He stopped messing and put the radio on. This made the car journey less awkward than it was but sooner or later we were there.

 "Here we are!" He exclaimed as he pulled into a dimly lit car park. I was assuming this car park was for the club and I was right. I had never been into a club before so I was very nervous!

 "Are you ready?" Harry asked, his hair fell over his eyes as he looked down to unclip his seat belt . When he got out of the car I unclipped my seatbelt as he walked over to open the door for me. "Stay by my side the whole night and you will be okay. Just don't run off. Especially when its getting dark." Harry helped me out of the car and as I jumped out, Harry put his arm around my back and wrested his huge hand on my hip furthest away from him. I was still scarred of him but I had to show some dignity towards him.

 I gasped as I saw the front of the night club... It was the one with the bright neon lights. Looking over at Harry, his face was light up with the blue neon lights. "Time to have some fun!"


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