Are You Real?

Carl finds himself in a lot of trouble in the real world. It all started when he joined, hoping he could live in a world that he wanted to live in. Sure enough, things aren't what they seem..


3. The Party

(Character is now living in the world.. its a flashback)

(in the "world")

*new message recieved*

"Oh goody" I proclaimed, hoping it was an invite to 89gyhh7's party aka Jeremy. Aka my first ever friend. "Yes!" I screamed as I saw what the message read.

"You have been invited to 89gyhh7's party on January 21, 2010"

I quickly alerted my neighbor, 46gg211 aka John, about the party to see if he was invited to go. Maybe we could carpool, save gas whatever. So i sent him a message.

"To: 46gg211 From: CarlY67 Hey man, are u going to Jeremy's party later?"

"To: CarlY67 From: 46gg211 Yes. "

"To: 46gg211 From: CarlY67 Man, you want to carpool to his house l8er? save gas or whatever"

"To: CarlY67 From: 46gg21 Ok."

"To: 46gg21 From: CarlY67 What time do you want to leave? Party starts at 9"

"To; CarlY67 From: 46gg21 Ok."  

Well. That's strange. Why did he reply just a simple "Ok" ? That doesn't make sense. Oh John. He's probably busy and doesn't want to reply. Classic John, classic John. 


Now I have to decide what to wear. I click the virtual closet button to the left of the screen. Khakis and a shirt? Good choice, Carl. Maybe you'll get some action tonight. Oh who am I kidding.. Khakis getting action? No. Ok I'll wear my sorta "I'm straight but I'm not sure" skinny jeans. That'll look good. Yep. Good Carl, now you're thinking. I click the outfit on the screen and try it on to see if I like it or hate it. It looks ok.. I'll just stick with it. Now I've got to meet John. I stand outside my virtual house and wait for John to come outside. Time is ticking quite fast. It's 8:30 and I've been waiting for John for an hour. Why don't I just go.

I click on my virtual car and drive to Jeremy's house. Wow, this party is popping... Time to get turnt up!

*live chat at party*

89gyhh7: Hey. Carl is here

CarlY67: Yep! Any drinks?? 

89gyhh7: Yes. By the bar.

CarlY67: Thanks man. This party is amazing! Great music: there's got to be about 200 people here!

89gyhh7: Yes. Thanks. There are 207 persons attending my party tonight.

CarlY67: Wow. thats cool


CarlY67: Isn't this a great party!?

09dsll6: Yes.

CarlY67: Who are you?
09dsll6: I am Jordan.

CarlY67: Hey man. I'm Carl.

09dsll6: Bye.


CarlY67: Hey pretty lady, what's your name?
TaniaE62: Tania :) U?

CarlY67: Carl! So this party.. isn't it amazing?

TaniaE62: Yeah. But everyone talks like robots and it's a little creepy.. You are the only person I've met in this whole experience who doesn't talk like them.

CarlY67: I feel you, I feel you. Same. You are the only non-robot

TaniaE62: So where do you live? I live in the southern part of the gamefield. Near FYR.

CarlY67: What a coincidence. I live in southern part of the gamefield too! But I'm near TFR.

TaniaE62: We should hang sometime! Do u know where the Imagination Cafe is?

CarlY67: YEs! I go there everyday! 

TaniaE62: Maybe I'll see you sometime :)

CarlY67: yeah! 

TaniaE62: Well, I have to go... It's saying that Muffins, my cat is hungry... Bye Carl :)

CarlY67: Bye Tania :)

::::::TaniaE62 has gone back to FYR::::::

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