Are You Real?

Carl finds himself in a lot of trouble in the real world. It all started when he joined, hoping he could live in a world that he wanted to live in. Sure enough, things aren't what they seem..


4. TaniaE62

I return to my home in the southern gamefield of TFR and start to think of Tania. I wonder what she is thinking about right now.. I wonder... I wonder what Muffins, her cat is like. I wonder what FYR looks like.. And i also wonder if I'll ever see her again.. Maybe I'll see her at the Imagination Cafe but I'd have to stay there 24/7 in order for us to be there at the same time.. How are you going to get her Carl. You need to get her. I resort to the last option. Search her username up. So I go to the search bar in the gamefield and type "TaniaE62" sure enough, it says that see lives in FYR. Under that information it says, "Would you like to pay TaniaE62 a visit? Send her a note to see if she'll invite you in. Click here to write her a note.  " Should I click? Should I not click. I'm going to go for it. I gave in. I clicked.

"Hey Tania! It's Carl. remember me from last night? yeah, hey :)" OK i did it. 

"TaniaE62 has been notified." Ok well. Now I wait. Now I wait for her to reply and accept or reply and deny.... *new message recieved* It's from her... 

"Hey Carl! Of course I remember you :) Meet me at the Imagination Cafe at 2" Ok Carl. Its 1:45. Look sharp man. No suit and tie, that's tacky.. wear a nice plaid shirt and some jeans, that's good. And slightly quiff your hair.. Don't look like a monster, Carl. Is this a date? Yes it's a date. No it's not. Wait, yes it is... 


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