Are You Real?

Carl finds himself in a lot of trouble in the real world. It all started when he joined, hoping he could live in a world that he wanted to live in. Sure enough, things aren't what they seem..



(character narrating what happened)


January 21, 2009


I just finished my final writing assignment for Mr. W's College English class. What a bore. I wanted a fun college life, something I could look back on and say "Wow, I really lived." But no. That wasn't my life at all. Long romantic walks to the library and sipping on my cheap dollar store coffee didn't cut it. I wanted to live. I wanted to find myself a place in this world. I wanted that so bad that I would do anything for it. 

At 11:00pm I was fooling around on my computer when an advertisement caught my eye. It read "Join! Live the life you want to live! Don't be a bum, be fun!" It was like it was made for me. Intrigued, I went to the website and to my surprise it was exactly what i wanted. I could create my own world and talk with other people, even find love. 

So, after fiddling around for what seemed like eternity, I had it. The life I wanted was right in front of my eyes. And all I had to do was "live" in it. So I did. I spent hours on this website talking to amazing people with the same dreams that I had. What could be better. It was my online world and it was amazing.



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