Peace War

Ever thought what it feels like to have a power hidden deep inside you? A power waiting to unleash at a time that is right for your body.
There is a whole new world out there, beyond the Pattons. A place where the fields and seas of the world are charged over by that power that seems to destroy the feeling of love and care and replace it with devotion and service to kill and use a power so worthy and to harm and hurt and harass their own kind.
This world is no make belief. Its not a world that you have to crawl though a secret passage to get to or even say a few magic words. Its a world, right before your very eyes. this world is same world you live in. But you just have to look that far away to see it. Because the closer you are, really means the further away you are to seeing what's really there. Life for Luna was tough from the beginning. She knew that her parents didn't care about her and she knew that she had the gift. she wasn't at Patton. she was physic and she hated it.


1. Nadi

Nadi hated her life. she couldn't decide whether it was the fact that she had no clue who her parents were or that she was mildly different from the rest in her school. Nadi would spend her free time wondering how things worked. Whether it was an act of god or the force of pure mother nature. For example: She believed that god didn't create the universe let alone the earth, neither did she believe that god created man. she believed nature took care of her world and god watched over man and took them under his wing if in need.

she loved that fact that people could choose their own choices and that there were many choices to choose from. she also loved the idea of peace and finding new things. she also loved the fact that she could progress in life and that she could write down all her memories so that later on she would be able to relive the moment and pass on her feelings. Infact that's what fascinated Nadi the most. The way that you could express your feeling and reactions without speaking, without verbally doing anything. Her fascination didn't just stop there, at the thought of expression, but of the literal idea of having the sense or gift that was so valuable to feel and to understand and to experience.

If your getting the feeling that Nadi was a full on cheerful, 'there is nothing ever wrong in my life' kind of girl, then you have got the wrong end of the stick. At times Nadi was a dark person. sometimes she hated life so much that she wanted to kill herself. She hated dominant people, (though she didn't mind the dominant G scale she had to do for her grade 4 flute examination.) She hated the idea of war and of so many innocent deaths. Infact she hated anyone who influenced death, (so yes she did hate her self sometimes.) And occasionally she hated the idea of suicide, she didn't think suicide was cowardly in most causes but a sign to others and a message. She hated the idea of gangs that ruled the world and the idea of stuck up snobs and their idiotic thinking that 'they are better than the rest of us.' Nadi hated spoilt brats and one day she knew she would change all the things that she hated, she felt that somehow it was her destiny.

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