Unforgetable (ON HOLD - EDITING)

This is the sequel of Love at the first side.


1. Forgeting It




I opened my eyes. What was this place? I couldn't remeber anything. Where was Liz and Beth? Where was I? I saw a blonde childish boy runing at me. "Bellllllaa!!" he shouted. How does he knew my name? "Bella. Harry is ok. He's alive. The doctor was wrong. They understood he was alive 45 minutes after you faithed and than he woke up yesterday. You're asleep since than. He's pretty ok. He wants to see you. Are you ok? Are you able to go and see him?" he asked. What was he talking about. "Who are you? What happened to me?" I asked. "I'm Niall, Bella. You faithed. Are ok?" he said. I nodded. "Do I know you?" "Yeah. Bella really are you ok?" I nodded again. "So let's go and see Harry" he said. I was still confused. "Who is Harry?" I asked. He looked suprised. "Who's Harry?!? Really? Alrigth, you're not ok. I'm calling the doctor" he said. What was his name. Something like Nail. "Nail. Can you call my sister Liz too?" I asked. "It's Niall not Nail" he said and left the room. I had a really bad headache. Have I met with Niall before? Who was that Harry he was talking about? After awhile Niall came with the doctor. He did some tests and asked me some questions.


What was wrong with Bella? She was acting wierd. "I guess she lost her memory" the doctor said. "How long will it last?" I asked. "It can last forever. All of you have to remind her everything that she forgot. It's the only way. Or it'll last forever" he said. I nodded. "How old are you?" the doctor asked to Bella. "17. I'm gonna be 18 at August" she said. The doctor looked at me. "She's becoming 19 at August" I said. "She doesn't remembers last year" the doctor said. I nodded. I asked the doctor to take her to Harry. Maybe it could help her. He agreed with me. "Come on Bella. I'm taking you to Harry" I said. She came with me. I knew she was confused.


My all body was hurting. Everybody was in my room except Niall and Bella. Niall was bringing Bella. After awhile I saw them infront of the door. Bella looked confused. Niall told her something and he came in but Bella was still infront of the door. Niall told everyone to get around my bed. Than he told us about Bella's lost memory. I was shocked. She wasn't remembering me. I looked at her. She was still at the infront of the door. She was looking at me. I sigth her to come in, with my head. She came next to me. I knew that she wasn't remembering me but I held her hand. It made me stronger. She looked confused. She was looking me in the eye. After a second she started to cry. She sat down to a chair next to me holding my hand. I couldn't understand why she was crying. She wasn't even remembering me. "Shh... Don't cry. Why are you crying?" I asked her. It was hard me to speak or move but in her mind and soul she was having much more pain than me. "I don't know. It's something about you. I don't know it but you remind me something" she said, she was crying. I smiled. At least I was reminding her something. "In a good way or bad way?" I asked. "Good way I guess. It's sweet, kind and an exciting feeling but there's pain inside of all" she said. She started to cry a lot. "It's so hard. Not remembering. I don't remember any of you. I can't feel anything. It's just empty inside" she said. I really wanted to get her in my arms. I opened my arms. She got up and hugged me while I was laying on the bed. It was making me feel worst when I saw her like that. She was getting away from my arm but I catched her. I putted my hand on her cheek, than pulled her to my lips.


His lips were pressing to mine. It felt different. In good way. His kiss was soft, gentle, kind and sweet. I kissed him back. I didn't know why but I wanted to. I felt like I had to. Everybody was staring at us. A phone was ringing. It was mine I guess because it was ringing from my bag. I took it out. It was saying MARK on it. I remembered him. I knew him more than a year. Niall took my phone at answered it.


Niall told me about Bella's memory lost than he gave the phone to Bella. "Hey Mark" she said. "Hey How are you?" I asked. "Better now. It's good to talk with someone you remember" she said. Wait a second. She didn't know that she was Harry's girlfriend maybe I could tell her that we were dating. Yes, it was great idea. "Can I make you remember something?" I asked. "Yeah. Sure" "We were dating for 5 months" I said. Yes, 5 months was ok. "What?" she said. "If it's true. Why someone else kissing me here and I'm kissing him back? Why am I here?" she said. "What? Did you kissed someone? Ok. It alright for this time because of your memory but now you know so please don't let it happen again" I said. I was a good actor. "Ok. But..." "No buts" I said.


"What's going on Bella?" I asked. "Mark said he is my boyfriend for 5 months. Why did you all let him kiss me. I wasn't remembering about Mark. But you knew it" she said. Harry looked confused and really upsad. "Now I just cheated on Mark with him. With him!!! At first I thougth he was my boyfriend but it was just an act. Is he ok? I don't think so because he kissed me and I have a boyfriend, Mark" she said. Harry looked really upsat. He already turned his back to us and he wa s pretending not to listen us. I took the phone from Bella's hand. "What do you think you're doing? Bella is not your girlfriend. She is Harry's girlfriend" I said aslo I gave the voice to out side so everyone could hear. Aspecialy Bella. "I just told her. Ok? I love her and I had a chance and I used it" he said. "Bella was blaming Harry because he kissed her. She thougth you are her boyfriend. It made Harry really upsat. And do you know, he is staying at a hospital. He had a car accidents. His injurs are really bad. And he had that accidents to protect Bella. She was lost and Harry got her adress. He was driving to there when he had the accidents. So are you happy what you did?" I said. There was no sound. "I guessed so" I said and ended the call. Bella looked confused. She was going to cry.


I first looked at Harry, than the boy who talked with Mark on the phone. They were both looking me in the eye. I looked at Harry for a last time. He looked upsad. I was confused. My emotions were all mixed up. I ran away crying. I went to the down staires than I got into the girls bathroom.


"I'll go and get her" Louis said. "No" I said and told them to take me down staires with the wheelchair. He took me down staires. We searched for her. Than I heard her crying voice from the girls bathroom. I told Louis to wait at there. I drove the wheelchair to the girls bathroom without caring or thinking. All I wanted at that moment was, Bella to be ok. I went next to her. She saw me and ran into my arms. She got on her knees to hug me.Than I hugged her. "Ok. It's ok. Don't cry. Everything is gonna be alrigth. We're together at this ok? I'm gonna help you to get your memory back. I promise you, we're going to get throw this together" I said. She nodded. She was crying. She pulled my wheelchair out of the girls bathroom. Louis was there waiting. He took the wheelchair from Bella and take me upstaires. I asked to the doctors that if Bella could stay with me. Because I thougth it was the best for her and also I didn't want to leave her alone at this. I promised her that I was going to be with her at this. They agreed with me about her staying. It was getting late when the boys left. I opened my ipad. Louis had sent me our old memories, photos with Bella. And also some videos. I called her next to me. She took a chair and sat next to me. I was really tired. It was a busy day for me. I was scared about Bella. She was having pain. She was confused. But she still trusted me. She still felt those feelings for me. I fell asleep while we were looking to our memories...

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