Unforgetable (ON HOLD - EDITING)

This is the sequel of Love at the first side.


2. Closer


I felt wierd. Harry was asleep. I was looking at the photos from his ipad. Most of them was the photos which had both of us. I knew that he was my boyfriend but I didn't know what to feel. Was it ok to jump in someones arms that I even didn't remembered? But it felt rigth. I was looking at a photo of me and Harry at a lake. I guessed that he took that photo, I didn't remembered it. They were all beatiful photos. We looked really close with Harry but now I didn't remembered any of them. I was just looking at the photos not remembering those moments. I got into my bed, the extra one, and fall asleep.



I woke up and looked at Bella. She was still asleep I was ok but my body was still hurting. I had a bad accident. After awhile Bella woke up.

"Goodmoring" I said. She looked at me with a empty face.

"Moring" she replied and smiled. It was not a real smile. She faked it.

She got up and looked at the mirror. She still had her red carpet dress. Louis was going to bring mine and her stuff today.

"I don't understand anything, noting. I feel empty. I don't know what to feel, about the others, myself and... you" she wasn't looking at me, she was still looking out of the window.

"Feeling and emotions are not the things you know. They come from inside. They are always there but you just have to find them. Just follow your heart it will lead you to the rigth place and emotions. Even if that place isn't next to me" I was nearly crying. Because I wanted that place to be next to me but there was a risk about that.



Louis entered to my room with 2 bags in his hands."Hey! How are you, both? I brougth your stuff" he said and putted the bags on a table.

"Thanks" we both said with Bella.

"Which one is mine?" Bella asked. Louis showed the red one.

She took it and went to the bathroom. She came out after awhile with a ligth blue t-shirt with a big black writing of "Love" and white shorts. I realized she didn't take of the golden love braclet and the paper plane necklace, which made me happy.

"Do you know where's Liz? I can't reach her. I really need her at this moment" She said. It made me feel bad. I had to tell her that Beth and Liz were death.

"Hmm. Bella. I... How can I explain it?" She came next to my bed.

"Before I had the accident you called me, crying. You told me that a man, I think he was a police, called you. And you said that he told you that Liz and Beth were..." She was looking at me with empty eyes.

"He told you that Liz and Beth were...shot. They were..." I stoped.

"Please don't say the rest" she said, crying. I nodded.

I petted my bed. She sat to the corner of it, crying lots. I opened my arms to hug her. She came closer then hugged me. After awhile she was laying on my chest, crying. I was rubbing her arm and kissing her hair all the time. Then Louis left and leave us alone again. I wasn't going to change my behavers about Bella. I was still going to act the same way. Maybe it would make her remember easily

"I love you" I whispered at her ear. She just smiled. Now I felt empty, broke. She didn't answered it. She didn't. At that moment I understood the real risk of losing her. No, I wasn't going to let something like that happen. I wasn't going to lose her. I told her that we were going to be together, forever. And it was going to be like that.

She got up are sat on her own bed. "Are ok?" I asked.

"I don't know. I lost my mom. Then my father. Than my sisters. And my memory, all the things we had together. What do I have now?" she looked innocent, sad and weak...

"You still have your friends... And... Me" I said. I was wondering her answer.

"I know. I still have my friends... And you... Even thought I don't remember our memories" she said. I smiled.

"Do you think that... We are able to be close as we were before your memory was lost..." I asked. I really wondered that. And I really wanted to be close as we were before.

"I don't know. Yes, I guess. I'll try. Maybe it can help me about my memory" she said. I was happy. I was happy to be more closer than this with Bella. But it was hard because I was staying at the hoslital for a week. Then we had a tour.

I didn't want her to leave. Aspecially when she was like this.

"Do you wanna come to the tour with me? It can help your memory. If we have distince between us it can be hard for both of us" I said. She looked consufed. It was hard for her to answer.

"Ok. Sure" she said, finally. I smiled. I was greatful that she said yes. She was coming to the tour with me. I was exicited.





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