Unforgetable (ON HOLD - EDITING)

This is the sequel of Love at the first side.


4. Break


I woke up and looked at Harry's side. He wasn't there. He wasn't in the room. I got to my room and changed to a white cropped top and blue shorts.

Harry was laying on the bed when I got back to his room. "Hey love" he said getting up from the bed. "Hi" I replied.

"Next week I'm taking you back to London for something special" he said with excitement. I wondered what it was.

Harry got up and walk to me. He held my waist and putted his forhead against mine."I love you" he stressed it. I turned my head to the other site. I could feel the disapointment on his face. He let go off my waist sat down on the bed.

"I'll be rigth back" he said and got out of the room. I bit my lip and sat down on the bed.


I got out of the room. This wasn't working. We were trying to be close and it wasn't workşng. Last night was great but this moring things got akward. And it was going to keep getting akward. I got to the room that Louis and Niall were staying.

"Hey Hazz, What's up?" Louis asked. "It's about Bella" I said.

"What's wrong mate?" Niall got up from the bed. "This memory thing, we tried to work things out like that but it keeps getting akward at some point" I was a bit angry and upsad.

"Calm down. It's normal, she doesn't knows what to feel at the moment. She tries to be close to you but at the sametime she doesn't knows if it's right or wrong. She doesn't knows that feeling. She forgot about it. She is confused. She need sto rest a bit and clear her mind" Louis was right. She has to rest. I thanked the guys and got to my room.

"We need to talk" I said. "What's going on Harry?" She looked soo confused.

"Look, I love you. I wanna be with you. But it's hard when your like this. It's not your fault. You just need to clear your mind. I think we should take a break for you to rest a bit." I didn't want that. But she needed that. I was about to cry but I had to hold it.

God this break thing means soo much to me, it breaks my heart soo much. But it didn't mean anything to her. She doesn't remembers she loved me.

"Uhmm. If that what you want then ok" she said. What I want?!? I didn't want this. I hated this. But I had to. "Yes" I whisppered. "Ok" She got up and went to her own room. She closed and locked the connection door.

I layed to my ned and closed my eyes. All I wanted was to wake up and see this whole thing is a bad nightmare. The bed was soo big without Bella next to me. I slowly started to cry. I lost her once again. I always keep lossing her. I was soo afraid that one day I'll loose her for forever. I cried for hours.


I was packing my stuff. I was going to go back to London. I felt heart broken. Why? I even didn't remembred that I loved him. I stopped packing and layed down to my bed. For the first time some scars on my arm cought to my eye. I touched them. I really had them but why? I didn't remembered it.

I layed down to my bed and started to cry soo hard.

I need my memory back soo bad. I just wanted to remember. I wanted to remember how did I got those scars. I needed remember how I met Harry. I needed to remember our first date, out first kiss, every moment we had. I needed to remember I loved him...





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