A Thousand Years: A Harry Styles Fanfiction(One Direction Not Famous)

Genesis Thompson has lived next to Harry Styles for her whole life. When they were 14, while playing hide and seek, Harry surprised Genesis by doing something neither of them expected. After that day, Genesis starts to have feelings for Harry, but Harry had gotten a girlfriend named Brittney. Three years later, Genesis is still madly in love with Harry, while Harry is still with Brittney. Their Sophomore year in High school is over with, and summer is soaring in like an eagle. But this summer will be different than the rest. This summer, everything would change.


1. Mystery

Genesis's P.O.V.

"1....2....3...4...5 6 7 8 9 10 Ready or not here I come!" I heard him yell. I tensed against the small space behind the tool shed. We're teenagers, fourteen to be exact, and we're still playing hide and seek. Well, it's a fun game. "Genny! Where are you?" He called in a singsong tone, interrupting my thoughts. I tried to stifle a giggle. Harry poked his head around the corner of the shed, his eyes illuminated in the dim light. "Found you!" He laughed, reaching out a hand to tag me. I shuffled farther back into the corner where he couldn't reach.

"You can't reach me. You have to tag me to win." I stuck out my tongue at him. He chuckled.

"Is that a challenge?" He asked, squeezing behind the shed.

"Maybe." I smirked. He moved forward, closer towards me. He jumped forward and started tickling me. He pushed me back farther into the corner, trapping me in place. My legs were straight on the ground, and his knees were on either side of my legs, and he was looming over me, tickling me. I was laughing like crazy, trying to get him off, but he was too strong.

"I give up! I give up!" I yelled in an attempt at surrender. He put his hands on either side of my head, resting them on the wall behind me. He looked down at me, his emerald eyes shining. "Harry, what are you-" I was cut off by his lips crashing onto mine. I was shocked at first, but my shock soon turned into realization. We moved our lips in sync, and my stomach flipped. 

He pulled away and looked in my eyes. "Now you know." he said softly. 

"What happens next?" I asked, smiling slightly. Harry backed out of the corner and moved towards my house. I raised an eyebrow, crawling from behind the shed to watch him walk into my house. I couldn't tell what he was doing, but I could hear his and my dad's voice. After about 3 minutes, Harry walked out of the back door and over to the shed.

"I-I have to go. I'll see you later, Genesis." He said, walking to the gate and opening it. He gave me one last sad glance and walked into his back yard, closing the gate behind him. I sat against the fence, confused. I walked into the house and up to my dad. 

"Hey, dad?" I asked.

"Yes, sweetie?" He asked in reply.

"What did Harry come up and talk to you about?" I looked up at my dad, curiosity bubbling through me.

"Nothing, dear. Why don't you head to the kitchen, your mother is cooking supper." His voice became stern, and I sighed, walking into the kitchen. I sat at the table and waited for food. My mother set a plate in front of me, and I looked down to see spaghetti. 

After I finished eating, I walked to my room and jumped into the shower. I threw on some pajamas, and trudged over to my bed, rolling onto it and pulling the covers over me. I replayed what had happened, trying to figure out what Harry had talked to my dad about. The look on his face when he came out of my house was haunting me. He looked devastated and I thought I saw a tear fall down his cheek.I sighed once more and closed my eyes, letting the memory of the kiss seep into my dreams.

"Now you know." His words echoed. I turned around to see him standing there, that smug grin on his face as usual. "Now you know." His eyes glimmered, and he disappeared. 

"Harry, wait! What did you say to my dad!" I called after him, running to where he once stood. He appeared in front of me again, and he pulled me against him, leaning down towards me. I could feel the warmth on his breath, and just before our lips met, he vanished again. 

"Remember." He whispered. I looked around frantically.

"Remember what? Harry!" I yelled into the darkness.

"Harry!" I bolted up in my bed, seeing my pug laying next to me. My breathing was uneven, and I could feel my rapid heart beat."Remember.." I muttered. "What am I supposed to remember?" I sighed and layed back down, falling asleep again.

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