Band Of Brother(s)

Jette is Michael Cliffords little sister. She helpes the band from the very beginning, and falls in love. But fame makes their lives, their love, so much more complicated.


2. Saying goodbye

Ashton's POV

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I try to get it, but my sister is sitting on my lap. "Lauren, please get off." She gives me an angry look. "Pleaseee"

"Okay, okay. I'm going to make some chocolate covered strawberries" "Make some for me?!" "Hmmm... No."

"Lauren!" I take my phone and see that my girlfriend Daphne is calling me. "Hey Babe."

"Hey. Can I come over?" She sounds terrible. Like she has been crying. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just let me come over."

"Okay. When are you here? "Ten minutes?" "Okay."

Pour baby. She must have had a rough day. I need to cheer her up. Maybe I can make her some chocolate covered strawberries (if Lauren didn't eat them all). And I think I have some rose petals upstairs from last month. I can lay them down in a heart form on the bench, and put on some candels.

"Lauren! Daphne had a rough day. Could you please stay upstairs this evening?"

"Sure, can I help you with anything?" She can be so sweet sometimes. Not all the time though. "If you would make us some chocolate covered strawberries and some hot chocolate, you'd be a life saver.

"Give me five minutes." I give her a kiss on her forehead and run upstairs. Rose petals, where is my box with rose petals? I make a mess of my recently cleaned room and in the end I find the box under my bed. I take a look around the room. "Well, I'm not taking her upstairs today." I whisper to myself.

I just finished making the living room ready for our date night when the doorbell rings. "Have fun!" Lauren yells before she runs upstairs.

I open the door. Daphne is dressed is a beautiful black dress. Her beautiful brown eyes are moist. Before I can say anything, she hugs me tight. I put my arms around her and pull her even closer.

We stand like that for a while. Minutes, Maybe hours. I love being so close to her. When we finally let go, Daphne takes a look around the room. "What's this?"

"This is our date." She smiles a little bit, but the tears stream down her face. She takes my hand and accompanies me to the bench. "It's perfect. But I'm not here for a date."

"Why are you here?" I can hear my voice shock.

"I'm here to break up with you." I let go of her hand. I can feel tears coming up. "There's someone else. We kissed a couple of times and..... More."

"Please say something?" How could this happen? I've done everything to make her happy. For 19 months, she was my everything. My first priority. Always my number one. "Please, Ash?"

"Get out..." She looks at me, her face filled with black tears from her make-up. "What...?"

"Get out!" "No let me explain, please."

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" I must have yelled really loud, cause my sister comes running downstairs. "Ashton, please?!"

"You should go." Lauren takes Daphne's shoulder and takes her to the door. "But he doesn't understand."

"He doesn't want to understand." Then she closses the door. After that she doesn't say anything. She takes a seat next to me on the bench. I lay my head on her shoulder and she puts her arms around me. It feels like I cry for hours, laying here in the arms of my little sister. Until finally, I cry myself to sleep.

"So she didn't tell you who he is or..." "No, I wouldn't let her." I've never seen Jette so angry. She always liked Daphne, but I'm sure that's over now."Why didn't you call me?!"

"I knew you were visiting Jason. I didn't want to ruin that for you." Jette stops walking and takes both my hands in hers. Her green eyes find mine. "Ashsie, you're my best friend. You know that. You can never ruin my evening."

She is amazing. When my parents were in divorse, she was always there to help me. Whenever I feel low, when I'm stressed, sad or anything, she's always there. I hope I do the same for her. But I doubt it. She's like a superhuman. I wish I could be the same thing to her.

"Next time when something is wrong it doesn't matter what I'm doing, even if I'm in a secret meeting with te president of the United States, call me." We walk to her favourite shop, a candle shop called 'light up'. It's a stupid name, but when you walk it in smells so good you'll forget about the name. "Tonight we're going to have a movie night. Tell your mother I'm sleeping over."

"No way, you have a date with Luke tonight. And you're going!" Jette takes five candles that smell like roses. It's her favourite and she uses at least three candles at week. "Okay, but I'll call you after the date. And make sure you're not alone tonight!"

We walk out of the shop. "Let's attack Starbucks."

Daphne's POV

"James, come back!"

"Wait..." He walkes into the room with a rose in his mouth. "Wow, I didn't know you could be romantic."

I lean in to kiss him, but the moment I touch his lips someone calls my phone. James takes the phone. "It's Jette."


"Okay Daphne listen, I don't know why you broke up with Ash but I promise you if you ever hurt him again, I'll hurt you."

"I'm going home." "But Daphne..."

"No! Did you know why she called? To tell me that if I ever hurt Ashton again she'll hurt me! I broke up with Ashton for you. Now you need to give me some time." I lost Ashton, Jette and many more. And Ash and Jette are just two of those people who were always there for me. I'm not sure if I made the right decision by saying goodbye...

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