Band Of Brother(s)

Jette is Michael Cliffords little sister. She helpes the band from the very beginning, and falls in love. But fame makes their lives, their love, so much more complicated.


3. First date

Jettes POV

I take a deep breath and pull my dress right. Luke opens the door right after I ring the bell, like he was standing behind the door waiting for me.

"He... Wow you look beautiful." I can feel myself blush. I look at the ground in the hope he didn't noticed it. "You look pretty good yourself." And I'm not even lying. He's wearing black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. I know it's nothing special but somehow my favourite shirt on a guy is a white t-shirt."Do you want to come in?"

"Yeah, sure." I can hear the tv in the living room. "Are those your parents?"

"No my sister, Robin." "I didn't know you had a sister." I want to walk into the living room but Luke stops me. "Sorry, but meeting up with my sister wasn't on the planning today." I frown, but when Luke takes my hand and leads me upstairs I don't protest. He closes the door of his room behind us. "Sorry about that, I just don't want my sister to tell you embarrassing things about me before I'm sure you're into me."

"Lucas Hemmings, I didn't expect you to be insecure." Luke pushes me playfully. "Let's pick a movie."

It takes a while before we pick one because we both want to pick it. We don't really have the same movie taste. I finally decite that it's Luke's tv so he can chose. He finally picks 'I am legend', I guess more because I prefer that kind of movies.

"Okay Jette, can you hit play for me?" I take the remote and hit play. Nothing happens. I click again. Nothing. "Okay, just give that to me." He takes the remote and hits play. Nothing happens. "Somethings wrong."

While Luke tries to find out what's wrong, I take a look around the room. It's not big. But because it's really white it seems bigger. My eyes fall on his laptop. It's opened on a YouTube channel. I don't reconise it but I do see Luke's face on one of the covers of the videos. "Is this your channel?"

Luke's head is a bit red when he nodds. "Can I see them?"

"No." He takes the laptop quickly. "My tv isn't working. We can watch in the basement on my laptop."

The basement is amazing. It has two blue sofa's and a lot of candles.

"I'm gonna get some food. Make yourself at home." I let myself fall on a sofa. I take my phone and send a text to Ashton.

'Things are going well, how are you feeling Ashhhhh?'

I jump up when I see a shadow behind me. When I turn around I see a girl with blonde long hair. "Sorry!"

"Don't worry."

"I'm Robin, Luke's sister. You're Jette, right?" "Yeah." "Luke told me all about you. Is it true you're friends with Ashton Irwin?"

"Uhm, yeah..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I did it again didn't I. I'm sorry, Ashton is just... Nevermind."

"You have a crush on him."

"No... I just"

"It's okay, he and his girlfriend just broke up so..."

"They did?!" I love this. This girl seems really nice. I could let them go on a date. Maybe will Ash finally forget Daphne and move on.

"Do you have his number?" Robin shakes her head. "Do you want it? Give me your phone." I enter his number in her phone. "Just send him a text, he doesn't mind."

"Thanks!" Maybe she's afraid to admit it, but she can't hide the smile on her face.

Luke walks in with a lot of popcorn and drinks. "Robin, what are you doing here?"

"Nothing, I was just leaving. Bye!"

"Bye!" Luke takes a seat next to me and hands me a drink. He is so close to me. I can feel his left leg pressing softly against mine. It makes me nervous. After a while Luke has to use the bathroom, so I check my phone. I have a text back from Ashton.

'I'm fine. Watching some chick flick with Lauren, it's kind of funny. So did anything happen yet???'

I text back.

'Not yet, just watching a movie and talking. But I'm not going home yet ;)'

"Will you hit play for me?" Luke walks in and takes his seat. I take the remote and press play. When I lean back, I feel Luke's arm om my shoulder. My stomach goes crazy. It takes a couple of minutes to find my confidence. But then I rest my head on his shoulder.

"Jette. Do you like me?"

"Well I wouldn't just rest on anyones shoulder like this." He laughs and looks down with a shy smile. "I just thought, your brother doesn't like me and you try to be a rebel or you're helping him getting back on me or..."

"You're crazy. I'm here because I wanted to go on a date with you. No other reason." I place my head back on his shoulder. He places his head on mine. We sit like that in silence untill I fall asleep.

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