Band Of Brother(s)

Jette is Michael Cliffords little sister. She helpes the band from the very beginning, and falls in love. But fame makes their lives, their love, so much more complicated.


4. Asshole

James' POV

"Eyes closed?" I nodd. Daphne puts something in my hand. I open my eyes. "An Ipone 6? You're amazing." I kiss her passionly. "I love you." She giggles and walks away.

I take my old phone and text my friend Brad. 'Gotta get out of here. She drives me crazy.'

"So, what do you want to do today?" Daphne walks back into the room with a flirty smile. "I'm going out for dinner with my parents, I'm sorry babe."

I can see she's hiding how diseppointed she really is. "That's okay. We could go bowling tommorow?"

I nodd and give her a kiss. At least she pays for all these 'dates' I have to go on with her.

Luke's POV

I wake up on the sofa in the basement. Something tickels my neck. When I look at my right, I see Jette sleeping against my shoulder. A smile appears upon my face. I guess this is a sign that our date went right.

I watch her sleeping for a while. She's so beautiful. Then I slowly stand up, my hand under her head so she doesn't fall down. I place her head on a pillow and walk to the kitchen to make us some breakfast. Just when I put some bread in the toaster, I her someone enter the kitchen. "I guess your date was good."

When I turn around I see my mum. "Don't worry mum, nothing happend."

I can see her relax a little more. "Why is the girl still here then?"

"'The girl' is called Jette. She fell asleep and I didn't want to wake her up." I take my toasted bread and put some vegemite, some nutella and some strawberries on the edges of the plate. We can put them on the toast.

"Just be carefull, okay?" I give my mum a kiss on her cheek. "I will."

Jette is still sleeping when I put the plate down and sit next to her. I stroke her cheek with my middle finger. She slowly wakes up. Her perfect green eyes look at mine.

Even when she sits up straight, she doesn't take her eyes of mine. It makes me nerves, because I'm not sure what to do.

"There's something I wanted to do all night." She leans in. And then I'm kissing the girl I've had a crush on for the past two years.

Ashton's POV

What an asshole. I have been watching James all day. Daphne didn't want to tell me who she was seeing behind my back, but she's not that smart. She posted a picture of them kissing on her instagram to wish him a happy birthday. And now he's spending his birthday with his friend instead of spending it with her. Idiot.

An incoming call from Jette.

"Ash if my mum asks, I was at your place yesterday and fell asleep."

"Wait, you stayed at Luke's last night?"

"Yeah, but nothing happend. I just fell asleep."

I take a look outside the bookstore I'm standing in. James was standing outside with his friends a few seconds ago, and now he's gone. "Shit", I wishper to myself.

"What?" Jette aks through the phone. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing. Just chilling in the mall."

It's quite for a couple of seconds on the other side. But like always, she's on to me. "You're stalking him, aren't you?"

I nodd. Even though she can't see it, I know my silence is enough for her to realise that she's right.

"That's it Ash. Tonight you're coming over. We're gonna get you over that girl."

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