Hipsters Are To Mainstream: My collection of complaints

This is just a collection of things I think is wrong with the world. From Fakes to Animal abuse you can find an article about anything here!


1. Why all the fakes?!

Ok!  So, ever where I look there are hipsters.  HIPSTERS!  HIPSTERS EVERYWHERE!  Honestly, I don't care.  If you hate being like every one else I understand; I get it.  If you like fashion than coolio!~  I'm the same way But, what I don't understand is why are there so freakin' many!  Can some one explain?


The ones I see all the time says, "It's a fashion trend." "It's about being like yourself." and the most annoying thing I've ever heard, and what I think the fakes say, "I liked so-and-so way before they where popular."  Honestly if you where a hipster a looooong time ago, I like ya.  But now a days hipsters are so popular, everyone wants to be one.  There cant be this many!  I know that there are many fakes out there and thats what annoys me!


You can also kinda tell the real ones from the fakes because the real ones are somehow less dick-ish.  Honestly look at them!  The fakes are always being rude, obnoxous, ect. while the real ones that I know are so nice.


The fakes are the only people I know that are very stereotypical and do what the label says that they have to do.  Like if they want to be emo.  They will cut, cry, and write poetry while the real ones just live live, smile, and tell jokes.  MY GOD STOP BEING FAKE!


Just because you think you have to act a certain way, or listen to a certain type of music doesnt mean you have to.  Do what your good at: be yourself.  You don't have to be something else to make friends or what ever you want to do!  Just be yourself and if someone doesnt like you well, fuck them!

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