Never Leave You

When Robyn keeps having the same Dream, about showing, One direction and falling in love with Harry. What will happen if that happens in reality? Will Harry fall in love with Robyn too? Or will he fall in love with someone else?


1. Show Time

I was already on the highway, it was 3:30 in the morning and I was headed to the Olympic stadium. There was a show today and it started at 8:00, but I always got their early and because I lived in Holmes Chapel it took me a long time. I was already 1hour away from London so I was getting excited, I heard my horse Arrow getting impatient in the trailer. I had my show clothes in a bag beside me, I had my barn clothes on. Beige riding breeches, pink polo shirt, my old riding boots and my coat. We pulled into the parking area and I found a place to park, I off loaded Arrow and I was the only one at the arena. I went to the side of the trailer and tied him up to the side of the trailer. I took of his blanket to reveal his shining dark bay coat, I brushed him once more and redid some of his braids in his mane. I picked his feet and applied another coat of hoof gloss to make them shiny. I went and changed in the trailer, my white riding breeches,white blouse and my red Great Britain show jacket. I exited the trailer and headed back over to Arrow, by now trailers were starting to pull into the parking lot. I put on Arrows white saddle pad and his new multi-purpose English saddle, his shiny black bridle with martingale and curb shank bit. Then I put on his black front exercise boots and put my hair in a bun then hairnet. I put my helmet on and changed my boots to my show ones, I got on Arrow. And we walked to the warm up ring.

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