Never Leave You

When Robyn keeps having the same Dream, about showing, One direction and falling in love with Harry. What will happen if that happens in reality? Will Harry fall in love with Robyn too? Or will he fall in love with someone else?


3. New Champion

They all smiled and headed towards the opening to watch, then it was my turn. "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Britain's own Robyn Yates!" The announcer said through the speaker as the crowd started cheering loudly. I trotted Arrow into the arena and we started our round. We soared over the jumps and made our way to the last one, it was one with had a difficult time with. Arrow sped forward and I half halted at the right moment and we nailed it. Arrow and I had won the Championship, I patted his neck and the boys high fived me on the way out. We made it back and I grabbed the trophy and untracked arrow.

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