Never Leave You

When Robyn keeps having the same Dream, about showing, One direction and falling in love with Harry. What will happen if that happens in reality? Will Harry fall in love with Robyn too? Or will he fall in love with someone else?


14. I need a hero....

I unlocked the doors to my flat and walked in, turning on the lights and heading up to my room to change. As I turned around someone grabbed me from behind and lifted me up, I heard the door open and in walked Harry. "What the hell do you think you are doing with her?!" Harry said his expression filled with anger. Just then I felt a sharp pain in my side as I looked down and saw a knife in my side. The guy ran out and Harry ran over beside me, he lifted me up and ran out I his car. We turned it on "Ha-Harry, I feel tired" I said weakly "Stay with me babe, stay with me!" He said scared. We screeched to a halt in front of the hospital, he grabbed me and ran inside. "Someone help, my girlfriend was stabbed!" He yelled as he got inside. Just then a nurse ran out and guided him to a room, thy lay me down and hooked me up to machines. I slowly felt my body shut down, and I fell into a deep sleep, while Harry sat at the edge of my bed holding my hand.

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