Never Leave You

When Robyn keeps having the same Dream, about showing, One direction and falling in love with Harry. What will happen if that happens in reality? Will Harry fall in love with Robyn too? Or will he fall in love with someone else?


8. I Knew You Were Trouble

After the meet and greet, Harry and I hung out for a bit and exchanged numbers. When I left Harry sent me a text *tomorrow I will pick u up at 7:30, to go out for dinner ok xx* I smiled *ok!xx* I made it home and found my brother sleeping on the couch, my house smelling of marijuana. I knew it he smoked, I should have never ever let him stay here. "Wake up you asshole! And get the fuck out of my house!" I yelled at him. We woke up "fine, I'm leaving!" He snapped. He grabbed his things and stormed out if the house angrily. I sat down and sobbed "why did he act like this!" I screamed. I grabbed the febreeze and stayed it around the house, the smell disappearing.

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