A Little To Late

Alex is going to college, were she is meeting a guy, with many tattoos, and looks cool. His name is Harry. she falls in love with him, but her new roommate is also in love with him.... Drama will definately happen, but how is Alex going to handle her new college-life?


5. A little too Late - Chapter 5

Me and Emma was about to get ready for the party, when Harry and Zayn came in.
"Are you guys ready?" Harry said.

"Just give us a valg an hour!" I said while i looked in the wardrobe for a dress.

"A half an hour!?" Zayn said.

"Yes, we're girls, we need time" i answered while i took a dress out of the wardrobe.
The dress was black and Sexy, i always use that dress, when i goes to parties.

"Fine, we will wait outside" Harry said.

Harry and Stacy had just broke up, and Stacy was going to the party.
The only thing i know is, when we went to the concert yesterday, were Sacy and Harry not talking to each other... So Harry is probably going to try to make her jalous tonight.
Can't wait to see who he will use to Make Stacy jalous.
I could see Emma was nervous, 'cause This is her first party. I understand.
She was still a little mad, that i said she would come.
But she is going to be happy, when she finds out how fun it is.
I looked at Emma, and could see she took a skirt and a T-shirt on.

"Sorry, but Emma?" I said, "are you going to wear that?"

She looked scared at me.

I looked in my wardrobe, to see if tere was something she could borrow.
I Found a dress, not as Sexy as mine. But it was definately better then her outfit.

"Here you go" i said, while she took the dress, and started to change.

"Thanks..." She said.

Ske looked amazing, but she needed to take the glasses of, because thise glasses didn't looked good to that dress.

"Are you guys ready know?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, come in." She said.

They came in, and when they saw Emma the were speechless.

"Wow.." Zayn said, "you guys look pretty hot.."

Emma looked at me and started blushing. 

"Thanks Zayn" i said, while Harry just stood and looked.

"Shall we go?" Harry said, with a Big smile.

"Yes" Emma answered.

We went out to the car, and Harry drove us over to were the party was.

"Here is it!" Zayn said, with a smile.

We went in, and there was alot of people. Someone from our class, and someone we never have seen.
Some music was playing. 
Harry and zayn were dancing, and me and Emma were just sitting and looking at the people, who was so wasted, that they couldt stand on Their on feets.
The guy with the blond hair came over.

 "Hey Alex" he said.

"Hi" i said, i didn't said his name, 'cause couldn't remember what his name was.

"Niall, come here!" Harry yelled.

Oh.. His name was Niall.
Emma looked at me. She really wanted to go home. 

"Do you wanna Dance?" I asked.

"No, Thanks." She answered, she looked uncomfortable. 

"Wow! Emma you look.. Hot!" Liam said, suprised.

She was blushing. She is not used to get a compliment from a boy.

"Thanks Liam.." She said, while she looked down to the floor.

"ALEX COME HERE!" Harry yelled.

I went over to him.
I could feel him come closer.
His hand touch my wrist. 
I could feel my heart was poundig faster then ever.

"Harry, what the hell are you doing!?" Stacy yelled.

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