A Little To Late

Alex is going to college, were she is meeting a guy, with many tattoos, and looks cool. His name is Harry. she falls in love with him, but her new roommate is also in love with him.... Drama will definately happen, but how is Alex going to handle her new college-life?


4. A Little To Late

"Alex its time to get up!" Emma said. "Already? Whats the clock?" "7.30!" "Oh god..." I said, and went over to the closet. I took a tanktop, and some black jeans on. I was feeling ready to meet my class. I was very excited, but still.. What if they dont like me, or.. They think im stupid... I dont Want to think about it... Im just going to go in there and be myself. "Shall we go?" I said. "What about breakfast?" She said suprised. "Im not hungry..." I said, "and i dont want to be late first day.." "Well okay then.. Im just gonna eat an apple, an then we can go, okay?" "Fine" i said smilling, 'cause i dont want to be rude or something, so if she's hungry, then she needs to eat. -a little while after- "Hi everybody im your new english teacher, and my name is Susie Malbourne. So please call me mrs. Malbourne." Our english teacher said, "i think we should say hi tho those you are sitting next to!" I sat next to one girl on my left side, and a guy on my right. "Hi my name is Alex" i said to the guy. "Hi my name is Liam" he said smilling. He was very sweet and had some tattoos to, but not as much as Harry... I turned over ti the girl, and said the same. "Hi Alex, my name is Stacy" she said. Wait.. Did she say Stacy? That could probably be Harrys girlfriend... She didn't look that bad, she dont have any tattoos Line Harry, and i dont think shes a punker, like Harry.. But its probably not harrys girlfriend, because maybe there is another Stacy in this class... Me, liam and Stacy was one of them who sat on the front row. I looked up and saw Harry looked down on me. He smilled he's very charming smile, and 'whispered': "So what do you thin of my girlfriend?" Oh... It is his girlfriend... I looked at Stacy, she smiled at me. "She looks sweet" i replied. "So... Are you coming to the party This saturday?" Liam asked me. "Yes, me and Emma is coming" "Emma? Is she coming? I didn't knew she likes to go to parties.." He said confused. "Well... She don't, bit Harry said that he would leave her alone, if she would come.." "Oh... Okay, can't wait to see, how she parties!" He said with a big smile. --later-- School is over know, and i got Manu new friends: Liam, A very sweet blond guy, can't really remember his name, Zayn, Stacy and A guy named Louis... Yeah, and then there is Harry...
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