A Little To Late

Alex is going to college, were she is meeting a guy, with many tattoos, and looks cool. His name is Harry. she falls in love with him, but her new roommate is also in love with him.... Drama will definately happen, but how is Alex going to handle her new college-life?


3. A Little To Late - Chapter 3

"Harry, what the hell are you doing here?" I said while i probably was looking like a clown... "Just wanted to say goodnight to little baby Emma, who is sleeping with her teddybear." He said laughing. "And that comes from you? Leave Emma alone, Harold! You probably do that too!" "No, 'cause im a grown up 18 year old!" He said laughing. "I dont think you are a grown up 18 year old!" I said while i looked at... Omg Harry is only wearing underpants! He has really a perfect body... Wait... What am i doing? He has a girlfriend... "Well.. I dont sleep with my teddybears!" He said smilling "I would love to see Emma at a party!" "Me? Party?" She said confused. "If thats the only way your gonna leave her alone, she will go to that stupid party, okay?" I said while i was looking at Emma. "Alright then. The party is this saturday, and me and my friend Zayn, will Pick you up at 10 o'clock" He replied. He walked over to our beds, and said: "Goodnight Alex" and touched my arm. He had a really warm hand... "Goodnight Emma, sweet dreams" he said, and did the same. He walked out and closed the door. "Im not going to the party!" She said, "im not a girl who goes to parties, and get wasted!" "Dont worry, we're just staying for an hour!" I said, to get her calm. "Fine..." She said, and turned of the light. It was knocking on the door, so i said: "Oh.. Good Harry you have finally laerned to knock!" The door opens and in came the principal.. "Im not Harry.." She said, " im the principal, mrs. Golding, do you remember me know?" "Yes.. Sorry..." "Well.. I just wanted to say goodnight.." She said and closed the door. Me and Emma was laughing so much that our stomach started to hurt. "Sleep well" she said. "You too."
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