A Little To Late

Alex is going to college, were she is meeting a guy, with many tattoos, and looks cool. His name is Harry. she falls in love with him, but her new roommate is also in love with him.... Drama will definately happen, but how is Alex going to handle her new college-life?


2. A Little To Late - Chapter 2

~~"Oh... Okay, my name is Alexandre, but everyone calls me Alex"

Emma had big round glasses, a red sweater, and a long skirt. I dont even want to talk about her shoes..

"Alex, thats a pretty name!"


The principal was right she is sweet.
But she lookes a little weired.

"So... I know its a little weired to ask so quick, when I just have met you. But do you have any plans on friday?" She asked while she sat on her bed.

"Uhm.. Not really, why?"

"Its because, I dont know if you know them, but a band called Roarx is coming here on friday to play a concert.. And I want to know if you Want to go with me?" She said.

Does she likes a rockband?
She doesn't look like one, who would hear that kind of music...
I mean shes... Like... A geek, but she likes rockmusic?
I dont even know what to answer...
She's sweet, but I dont know the band, and I just met her..
But then again.. It could be fun.
I could learn more about her, and her kind of music... And Harry is going too.

"That sounds fun." I said, "but I didn't thought you liked that kind of music"

"Haha.. Everybody says that.. Or.. You are actually the only one who knows.. 'Cause your my only 'friend'" she said, while she looked down to the floor.

Im her only friend?
Thats sad... She is very sweet, why doesn't she have any friends..?

"Have you met anyone from the class?" She asked.

"Yes, but only a guy named Harry.."

She looked at me and started blushing.
Omg she likes Harry, she is blushing!

"I want to tell you a secret, if you promise to keep it!" She said.

"Uhm.. Okay, whats the secret?"

"I think I have a little crush on Harry.."

I knew it!!

"But i probably never get a chance.." She said and maked a sad face, "he also have a girlfriend, Stacy. I really hate her, she is so mean!"

"Stacy? Are she also on this college?"

"Yes.. Unfortunately.."

Well.. Stacy must be really mean, Since Emma really doesn't like her..
Or maybe she's just jealous..

"I think its time to say goodnight" I said, and startet to take my pyjamas on.

"Yes, a new day starts tommorow,
We're going to meet new people and our new teachers. I can't wait!"

"Me either." I said and turned the lights of.

When i turned the lights of, the door opens.

"Who is coming in with out knocking!?" I said, "we could have been naked!"

"I wouldn't matter if you were naked!"

I could regenize the voice, i turned on a light.. And there stood Harry!


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